vodafone video pass   vodafone chat pass   vodafone music pass   vodafone social pass

vodafone video pass   vodafone chat pass   vodafone music pass   vodafone social pass

Do you have an app, service or product that’s a perfect fit for one of our Vodafone Passes? We’re always on the hunt for new apps and content, and we want to hear from you. There’s no fee for any content provider to be added to a Pass.

Any content or service provider can be featured on Vodafone Passes as long as it fits into one of the pass definitions below and meets our technical and legal requirements. Vodafone Passes give customers endless access to your app without using up their data. They’ll be covered by our endless data, so they can use it as much as they want at no extra cost.

Is it a match?

To partner with us, your app or service must match one of our four categories:


Customers mainly use the app/service to search and watch streaming videos or to upload video content.

Examples: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

Customers mainly use the app/service to find and listen to streaming audio and music content.

Examples: Spotify, Amazon Prime Music



Customers mainly use the app/service to create, maintain or develop social connections, network and share content within a personal community. Types of shared content are mixed, covering websites, text, photo, music or video.

Examples: Facebook, Twitter



Customers mainly use the app/service to communicate one to one or to a closed group by text/picture/voice/video messages or through voice or video with online calls. Contents are mainly text and pictures.

Examples:WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger


How it works

Identifying your app or service

We need to identify your service on our network so we can classify it as one of the services included in the offer.

We do this based on the parameters of how your service is delivered. This can be as simple as identifying the domain used for your service (for example www.yourservice.com), or the IP addresses of the servers delivering it (for example The important point is that these parameters must allow your service to be uniquely identified.

We don’t need to know anything about what your customers are actually sending or receiving while using your service – we only need to identify the specific packets of data belonging to your service so we can assign them to the correct service pass.

Keep us up to date on changes to your app or service.

Once we have this technical information we’ll work with you to accurately identify your service. As well as getting this right at the start, it’s important that you tell us about any future changes to your technical information, so we can incorporate these and customers continue to enjoy the best service possible. Vodafone won’t offer any preferential treatment to our own services if they’re included in a Pass.

Joining the Vodafone Passes line-up


Matched with one of our categories? Great – you can apply to partner with Vodafone Passes.

Here's the process

Submit application
1. Get in touch using the Apply Now button on this page
2. We’ll reply, asking you for basic info about your app/service/product
3. You’ll accept the app content restriction terms set by us
4. We’ll check your application, based on the requirements mentioned
5. If it’s accepted, we’ll get in touch to agree which category your app fits into
6. We’ll both sign a partnership agreement to work together

7. We’ll ask you for all the technical info we need to test your app
8. We’ll ask you for all the info we need to recognise third party app content
9. As part of the testing process we’ll test whether points 7 and 8 have been met

10. Your app will be included in the next Vodafone Passes rollout/release
11. Once you’ve joined as a service partner, we’ll only include your logo in our marketing materials if you agree
12. You’ll provide any tech support needed when you join the Vodafone Passes line-up, as according to our agreement


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