Reporting suspected fraud

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I think I’ve been a victim of fraud

If you believe that a fraudster may have gained access to your Vodafone account, or a Vodafone account has been set up in your name without your permission, then please report the issue to our fraud team as soon as possible. If you need advice about nuisance calls or text messages, then check our help page

You can contact our fraud team by calling 0333 304 1665 for free, or by submitting a fraud report.

The fraud team is available 8am-8pm 7 days a week. If you place a call outside of these hours, you can request a call back.

Our fraud team can only assist with fraud queries related to our services. Please report other fraud issues directly to the relevant organisation – bank, credit card company or communications provider.

You can also report instances of fraud to the police by contacting Action Fraud where you’ll receive a police crime reference number. Action Fraud also provides a central point of contact for information on fraudulent activity, as well as financially motivated internet crime.