Vodafone Freebees – great value on Pay as you go

How do you use your phone?

  1. Want a little bit of everything? Get plenty of UK minutes, texts and data with a Freedom Freebee From just £10

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  2. Always on the phone? Chat away with Freebee Minutes From just £10

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  3. Texting day and night? Keep in touch with loads of Freebee Texts From just £10

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  4. Always online? Download, tweet and use apps with Freebee Data From just £10

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  5. Friends abroad? Stay in touch with Freebee International Minutes From just £10

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Choose Freebee Minutes

150 UK minutes500 UK minutes
Your £10 creditYour £20 credit
100 Rewardz pointz200 Rewardz pointz

Order your SIM with Freebee minutes

Already with us? Just call 4356 from your Vodafone Pay as you go mobile, or log in to My Vodafone to opt in.

Want to know more? Take a look at our Freebee Minutes T&Cs

Want even more value with our Pay as you go extras?

Add an extra to your Freebee and get more value

Extra Minutes

For just £5, get 100 minutes to UK mobiles and landlines starting 01, 02, 03. Perfect if you need a little more time to gossip.

Just call 34442 to choose your extra. Terms apply.

Extra Texts

Keep in touch with your mates for less with 500 extra UK texts for just £5.

Just call 34440 to choose your extra. Terms apply.

Extra Data

Never miss a tweet or status update with 500MB extra UK data for just £5.

Just call 34441 to choose your extra. Terms apply.

Extra International Minutes

Got family and friends abroad? Keep in touch with an extra 50 international minutes for just £5. See which countries are included. Terms apply.

Just call 34443 to choose your extra.

Chat for longer

Call the same people a lot? Get unlimited calls between you and three others. One pays £5 a month – and it’s free for the rest. Terms apply

Call 34444 to get started on Vodafone Family

Got a BlackBerry?

Get BBM™ and email for £5 every 30 days. Just opt in to our BlackBerry internet service

Call 40035 free from your Vodafone mobile

Vodafone IOU

Run out of credit? Borrow £3 from us and make that all important phone call when you need to, just pay us back next time you top up (45p service charge). Terms apply

Text IOU to 468 to opt in.

Buzz Back

Short on credit? Use Buzz Back and send your friend a free text telling them to call you.

Just text their number to 30303. Terms apply

Going abroad?

With Vodafone EuroTraveller on Pay as you go you can take your UK minutes and texts from your Freebees or extras plus 100MB of data with you anywhere in our Europe Zone. Terms apply.

Call 5555 free from your Vodafone mobile to opt in