What can you do using Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi makes it easy to browse the internet, send and receive emails, and stream music and videos on the go – without eating into your monthly data allowance.

Want to get Wi-Fi on your mobile when you’re out and about?

It’s easy and great value. If you’re travelling on the London Underground, you’ll need to be eligible to use the Wi-Fi, provided by Virgin Media. Alternatively, you should have a Pay monthly plan that includes BT Wi-fi premium hotspots.

Where can you get access?

Getting online using Wi-Fi is a breeze. Go online above the ground with access to thousands of BT Wi-fi premium hotspots throughout the UK. You can also connect to Wi-Fi on the London Underground, provided by Virgin Media, at over 250 Tube stations – over 94% of the London Underground network.

How do you get Wi-Fi on your device?

Want to use WiFi on the London Underground?

Vodafone Wi-Fi is a Wi-Fi connection provided by Virgin Media, which you can use on the London Underground to get access to Wi-Fi in over 250 London Underground stations and Victoria Coach Station. You'll be able to connect to our Wi-Fi portal in many ticket halls, walkways and platforms - with access to everything from your emails to London listings and travel updates. There is no Wi-Fi available in the London Underground tunnels, but as you move through the Underground, your phone will automatically reconnect when in range of the Wi-Fi service.

Who’s eligible for WiFi on the London Underground?

Vodafone Wi-Fi will be included in your plan if you’re one of the following types of customer:

  • Pay as you go customers who have a Big Value Bundle
  • Pay monthly customers who have data included in their plan
  • All business customers

How do you connect to WiFi on the London Underground?

You should be able to connect in seconds. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Make sure you’ve got Wi-Fi switched on in your settings
  2. When you go into a London Underground station with Wi-Fi coverage (or Victoria Coach Station), you’ll connect automatically

If you can’t connect, please try the following steps:

  • Check if you have a plan with data included – and that you’ve chosen Vodafone Wi-Fi
  • When in range of a Vodafone Wi-Fi hotspot, change the settings on your device so that Security is set to EAP-AKA or EAP-SIM.

If you have an Android phone, change your settings by following the steps below:

  1. When under Vodafone Wi-Fi coverage, open your Wi-Fi settings, and tap on ‘Vodafone Wi-Fi’ in the access point list.
  2. Scroll to the top and check which EAP method is currently selected.
  3. If it’s not already selected, change the EAP method to ‘AKA’, then select ‘Connect’.
  4. If you still can’t connect to Vodafone Wi-Fi, please change the EAP method to ‘SIM’, and select ‘Connect’.

If you have an iPhone, you won't be able to edit the authentication method in your phone settings, as this is set by the service provider. For more information, please call 191 free from your Vodafone mobile.

The alternative way to connect is by logging in, using your My Vodafone username and password, and then following these easy steps:

  • Make sure your device’s Wi-Fi is switched on when you’re in a London Underground station with Wi-Fi available
  • In your Wi-Fi settings, choose ‘Virgin Media WiFi’
  • Hit the browser button which will take you to the portal, then choose the Vodafone icon
  • On the Vodafone registration page, enter your My Vodafone username and password
  • Refresh your browser – and off you go

Got a question?

You can find a list of London Underground stations that have Wi-Fi from Virgin Media. Or for more information on the London Underground, go to our support section.

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