SIM swap and activation

Do you need to swap your SIM before activation?

You'll need to swap your SIM if:

  • Your phone was lost or stolen
  • Your SIM has been damaged
  • You’ve changed or upgraded your phone and it needs a different-sized SIM
    • If you need a smaller SIM than your existing one, check if you have a Triple SIM where you can pop out the required smaller SIM
    • If you’re not sure what size SIM you need, check our handy guide

Ready to swap your SIM?

Before you start your SIM swap, make sure you:

  • Have your replacement SIM with you
  • Have transferred your content from your old phone if you’ve changed or upgraded – find out how

Please note: a SIM swap is only possible onto a replacement blank SIM ordered from Vodafone specifically for a SIM swap.

It’s not possible to swap onto a pre-activated Pay as you go SIM bought either from us, or a third party such as Tesco or Argos.

Need to order a new or replacement SIM?

Find out more

What kind of customer are you?

  • A Pay monthly or Pay as you go customer with a working phone* or device that can receive texts

    *This must be the phone you want to use your new SIM with

  • A Pay monthly customer with no working phone or a tablet that can’t receive texts


If you’re a Pay as you go customer with no working phone, you’ll need to contact us to go through the best course of action.

If you’re joining us from another network or switching from Pay as you go to Pay monthly, you can keep your current number by transferring it over.

If you’re a large business or corporate customer, with access to Vodafone Corporate Online (VCO), log in as usual to swap your SIM. Otherwise you’ll need to contact your account manager