Frequently asked questions: Student discount

Frequently asked questions

1. Who is eligible for this offer?

The offer is only available to University students from participating Universities. The offer is available for a maximum of one connection per student. The offers are only available with new connections or transfers from other networks, or existing Vodafone customers who are eligible to re-commit to a further contract period.

2. Does the price plan have to be in my name to apply for the offer?

Yes, the price plan must be in your name to be eligible. We will not be able to apply the offer if your plan is in your parent’s name.

3. What is included in the offer?

A 10% discount on 12- and 24-month pay monthly handset plans and 12-month SIM only plans

A 10% discount is available on the £27 a month, 24-month pay monthly tablet and iPad plans.

The discount includes line rental; it excludes any additional extras such as data packs (Vodafone Mobile Internet), music, insurance, mobile TV and video, games, ringtones and accessories and broadband services. Usage charges and one-off charges are also excluded. The discount cannot be applied in conjunction with any other discounts, promotions or offers such as Vodafone Household second line offers.

4. What price plans are the discounts compatible with?

Discounts are available on consumer pay monthly plans with 12 and 24-month contracts for mobile phones only. As well as on SIM-only pay monthly plans with 12-month contracts. The deal isn't available on any of the following plans:

  • 30-day SIM only plans
  • Business plans
  • Data or broadband plans
  • Household plans
  • Pay as you go plans
  • Red Hot plans
  • Red+ plans (Leader plans can be discounted)
  • Trade-in plans
  • Any other plans with discounts

5. How can I get this offer?

This offer is only available on price plans bought through the Vodafone online shop, Vodafone telesales and Vodafone shops - it's not available through Carphone Warehouse, Tesco, Quidco or Phones 4 U. To request the discount, you will need to submit the online form ensuring all fields are completed. You must have an official university email address along with your Student Number to request the discount. Once the discount has been applied to the phone number we’ll inform you by email. Please submit your form within 60 days of your new connection or upgrade. Unfortunately we'll not be able to re-credit your account if we're not notified within 60 days of the change.

6. What happens if I upgrade or change price plan?

If you change price plan or upgrade your account, it's your responsibility to notify Vodafone UK to re-apply the discount. Unfortunately we'll not be able to re-credit accounts if we're not notified within 60 days of the price plan change.

7. What happens if I graduate from University while still in contract?

The discount will remain on the account for the duration of the contract until you upgrade or change price plan. The discount will be removed at this stage and you will no longer be eligible to apply for the Student Offer.

8. What if I don't have an email address?

If you don't have an email address, you will not be eligible to apply for the offer.

9. How long does the discount last for?

The discount will apply until you change price plan. At this point the discount request will need to be resubmitted if the discount is still required

10. My Welcome letter does not show my discount?

The Welcome letter does not contain information on your Student Offer. When the Student Offer has been applied this will be confirmed by separate email.

11. How do I know if I'm eligible to upgrade?

Log in to My Account and click on Upgrade my phone within the Products and plans section to see if you're eligible to upgrade.

12. How can I ask a question about the Student Offer?

Just drop us an email ( and tell us what you need to know. Make sure you include your student account phone number, name, address, postcode, and your date of birth. If you know your four-digit security PIN/password, please include these too.

If you want to ask a question that's not related to the Student Offer, please call Customer Services on 191 from your Vodafone mobile or visit My account on