International Saver

Vodafone International Saver

Who can get Vodafone International Saver?

Available to Pay monthly customers, our Vodafone International Saver 100 and Vodafone International Saver 500 Extras give you a monthly amount of inclusive international calls from the UK to selected destinations outside the UK – for a monthly charge that’s added to your bill.

Vodafone International Saver is not available to business customers. Take a look at our business pages for more information.

How it works

Visit our Calling abroad from the UK page to check rates for the country you’d like to call and how to opt in, then simply opt in to the Vodafone International Saver you’d like.

Once opted in, you’ll be able to use the minutes in your allowance to call standard landline and mobile numbers in any of the destinations included.

Vodafone International Saver doesn’t apply to: 

  • Calls to the UK (which includes the Channel Islands and Isle of Man)
  • Calls to premium-rate and non-geographic numbers
  • International calls made while outside our Global Roaming destinations
  • Text and picture messages
  • Video calls 


Once you’re opted in, the Vodafone International Saver charge will be applied automatically to your bill every month until you opt out and, because it’s taken in advance, you’ll be charged the full amount for every month that you’re opted in, including if you opt out half way through the month.

  • Calls are measured in one-second increments
  • There’s a one-minute minimum call-charge
  • Unused minutes from one month can’t be carried over to the next

Once you’ve used all the minutes in your allowance, you’ll pay 10p per minute for calls up to 12 November 2019 and from 13 November 19p per minute for any international calls to the eligible International Saver destinations. To avoid paying these, when you’ve used up your Vodafone International Saver allowance, you may want to consider opting in to Vodafone International and, for a monthly charge, make calls to destinations outside of the UK for less. You can opt in to Vodafone International Saver and Vodafone International at the same time.

You can have both the Vodafone International Saver 100 and Vodafone International Saver 500 applied to your account at the same time. You can’t however have more than one of each.

You can opt out of Vodafone International Saver at any time by sending a free text: REMOVE INTL100 or REMOVEINTL500 to 40506. If you opt out of Vodafone International Saver, you’ll be charged our standard charges when you make a call to a country outside of the UK.


Use of Vodafone International Saver is subject to the terms on this page and our Pay monthly contract terms and charges guide. We may vary or amend these terms, but if it’s to your disadvantage we’ll notify you.

Version – March 2018