Vodafone real time notifications

Vodafone real time notifications

1. Eligibility:

All Vodafone customers will automatically start receiving real time notifications when they access data abroad either on their handset or on a computer. Customers on Your Plan, Anytime, Anynet, Smartstep, Smartplus, Simply and Mobile Broadband price plans will receive notifications when they access data in the UK.

2. Notifications:

You will receive a notification when you are approaching the next charging point. You will also receive a notification when it is nearly midnight in UK. We will send you notifications by text if you are using a handset. Mobile Broadband customers will get a flash pop-up via the dashboard software.

3. Set Up:

Mobile Broadband customers need to upgrade their software. If you have added an inbound text message bar then you will not receive notifications.

4. General:

If you make any changes to your price plan or data bundle it will take up to 24 hours for notifications to be accurate. Notifications are a free service to help you manage your data usage. Vodafone does not accept responsibility for notifications which are not received for any reason. You are responsible for how much data you use.