1. Offer detail: Vodafone will provide six (6) months pre-pay SIM service, including 20GB of data per month, unlimited calls and unlimited SMS for use in the UK only (the "Service"). The Service is subject to network coverage and availability. 5G speeds are not achievable with the Service.

2. The Offer is only available to registered charities within the UK (the "Charity") and applications must be made online via a portal. Applications must demonstrate that the Charity's proposed use of the Service will help to tackle the digital divide. Applications will be reviewed on a case by case basis and we will aim to give a response within 4 weeks of submission.

3. To benefit from the Offer, the Charity must complete the online application by 1 November 2022. Multiple applications can be made per Charity. This Offer is subject to availability and Vodafone will assess the number of SIMs for which each Charity can apply. Vodafone reserves its right to reject any applications and shall not be obliged to make the Offer available to any given Charity.

4. For projects requesting a significant number of SIMs, the Charity will be asked to provide:

  • (i) details of the geographical spread of the project;
  • (ii) a timeline for how the connectivity will be delivered; and
  • (iii) a commitment to report on how it is being used, to support their application and any other relevant information as Vodafone may reasonably require in order to assess the impact of the project.

5. If successful, an acceptance email will be sent to the Charity along with details of when they will receive the SIM cards and the Service. Once received, it is the Charity's responsibility to ensure that the Service is used for the approved purpose.

6. The Charity shall ensure that all users to which they will provide a SIM card ("Users") are aware that upon activation of the SIM card, the relevant User acknowledges acceptance of the following individual terms and conditions prior to activating the Service as well as any terms or policies mentioned therein. Use of the Service is conditional upon:

  • (i) the User being over 18 and agreeing to the Individual Terms and Conditions; or
  • (ii) in the event the User is under 18 then, the User's parent or legal guardian acknowledging and agreeing to the Individual Terms and Conditions Terms on behalf of the User.

The Charity shall ensure compliance with the foregoing conditions for the use of the Service, including without limitation procuring agreement from Users' parents or legal guardians where applicable.

7. Please note:

  • (a) The Service will commence on the date the User inserts the SIM into a device and will run for a continuous period of six (6) months from that date (the "Offer Period");
  • (b) Each Charity will be eligible for a maximum number of SIMs as determined only by Vodafone;
  • (c) We do not allow the transfer of this Offer to anyone else and we will not give any cash alternative instead;
  • (d) Following the Offer Period, if the User wishes to do so, he can purchase credit and carry on using the SIM at standard Pay as You Go 1 rates or purchase any available bundle (or the same with another mobile network provider). The User is not obliged to use the SIM.

8. Charities that accept this Offer along with its staff shall not resell or distribute the SIM packs other than permitted in these Terms and Conditions. For the avoidance of doubt, any commercial or fraudulent use of the SIM cards and Services by Charities (including their staff, employees and contractors) or Users shall amount to a material breach of these Terms and Conditions and entitle termination of the Services as per 10 below, without prejudice to any other rights and remedies available to Vodafone.

9. Whilst we will try and fulfil our obligations to run the Offer smoothly, we will not be responsible if something happens that is beyond our reasonable control. We reserve the right to verify the validity of applicants for the Offer and to disqualify any orders without notice if any applicant tampers with the entry process or does not comply with these Terms and Conditions.

10. Use of the Service must be for private, personal and non-commercial purposes and Users must only use the Service in the UK. Vodafone reserves the right to terminate the Service, without notice to the User, if his usage is not in accordance with these terms and our Acceptable Use Policy. Vodafone has the right to monitor the usage of the Service in accordance with our Acceptable Use Policy.

11. Vodafone reserves the right to withdraw, amend or cancel an Offer at any time. These Terms and Conditions are subject to English law and the English Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Version: September 2021 (Version 5)