Terms and conditions

Vodafone Family

Please note that Vodafone Family is not available to new customers following 11 May 2017.

  1. For the purpose of these terms and conditions, customers who form a Vodafone Family group are called “Group Owners” and customers who are nominated as a member of a group are called “Group Members” or “Members”.
  2. Vodafone Family is available in two group sizes. A group of 4 costs £5 per month. A group of 6 costs £7 per month.
  3. Pay as you go customers can become a Group Owner if they are on any of the following price plans: Simply, Smartstep, Smartplus, Anytime or Anynet
  4. Pay Monthly customers can become a Group Owner if they are on any Consumer price plan launched on 1st May 2005 onwards.
  5. If you are connected to an ineligible price plan, you will need to migrate to an eligible price plan before being able to take advantage of this service.
  6. Vodafone Business customers cannot be a Group Owner. However, they can be a Group Member. Vodafone Business customers who are Group Members will not benefit from free calls to the Group Owner or other Group Members, but the Group Owner and other Group Members can call this Member for free.
  7. Customers billed by any service provider other than Vodafone Ltd are excluded from becoming a Group Owner or Group Member.
  8. Vodafone Family applies to voice calls to nominated Vodafone mobile phones within the relevant Vodafone Family group within the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland only and excludes roaming calls, video calls, calls to premium rate numbers, Vodafone voicemail and all data transfers (including text messages).
  9. Vodafone Family calls are free, anytime, for the first 60 minutes only. From the 60th minute onwards, the caller’s normal price plan charges will apply. Customers with Vodafone Stop The Clock or Free Weekend Calls promotions cannot benefit from these services after the 60-minute Vodafone Family call has expired.
  10. In order to benefit Group Owners must register for Vodafone Family. You can register in any Vodafone store or participating retailer, visiting My Account online, or by calling 191. Once registered your group will be able to call amongst themselves at no extra cost, once the group is activated, subject to these terms and conditions. Activation takes 2 hours. We will notify you and your Group Members once your group is active.
  11. For contract customers the subscription fee for the service will be added to your bill. Should you register for or cancel the service mid month we will pro-rate the charge on your bill. Should you default on payment of your bill we will suspend your group until you make payment. In the event that this happens we will text you and your Group Members to inform them that they are now charged standard price plan rates.
  12. Prepay customers can pay for their first month’s subscription directly from their credit balance at point of registration.
  13. Future monthly payments for prepay customers, will be taken each month from your credit balance. We will start trying to take payment for your subscription 3 days before the fee is due, to ensure payment goes through in time. We will send you a reminder message about this the day before we start trying to take payment. If you have insufficient credit to pay for your monthly subscription by the due date, we will suspend your group and calls between your Group Members will revert back to standard price plan rates. In the event that your group gets suspended, we will inform all your Group Members by text. We will then attempt to take payment over the next 30 days. If we are unsuccessful in taking payment for your subscription during this time, we will cancel your Vodafone Family subscription.
  14. Calls between Group Members will not use up any inclusive minutes included in Group Owners or Members price plans.
  15. Customers can belong to a maximum of 3 groups, including 1 as the Group Owner
  16. We will inform your Group Members when they have been added to your Group. We will not inform them who your other Group Members are. It is your responsibility to inform them who the other Group Members are.
  17. Calls between Group Members will be indicated on contract customers’ itemised bills.
  18. Group Members can remove themselves from a group at any time by replying with STOP to the text we send them, by texting STOP to 34444, calling 191 or visiting My Account online. We will inform you by text if they do this.
  19. Group Owners can change the members in their group 3 times per month if they have registered for a Group of 4, or 5 times per month if they have a Group of 6. Group Owners cannot make changes to their group if they are barred or have had their Vodafone Family group suspended.
  20. You can change your Group Members by calling 191 or visiting My Account online.
  21. Contract Group Owners can change the size of their group (either 4 or 6) a maximum of 3 times per month.
  22. These limits will be reset on the 1st of each month for contract customers and on the subscription anniversary date for prepay customers.
  23. Changes to group sizes for prepay customers will not take effect until the end of the subscription period. A pending group cannot be cancelled less than 3 days before the subscription is due.
  24. Group Owners who are prepay customers cannot change the size of their group less than 3 days before their subscription is due.
  25. Group Owners who are contract customers can change the size of their group at any point and the subscription fee will be pro-rated on their monthly bill.
  26. If you remove a Group Member we will notify them that they are no longer part of your group. We will not inform your other Group Members. This is your responsibility.
  27. All Members that have been removed from a group will be charged their standard price plan rates immediately.
  28. If a Group Owner disconnects or ports from Vodafone to any other service provider we will cancel the relevant group automatically and notify Group Members.
  29. If a Group Members disconnects or ports to another network we will remove them from the relevant group and notify the Group Owner by text.
  30. Vodafone Family may only be used for private non-commercial use and is not for resale, nor for non-voice services.
  31. Group Owners can cancel the service at any time by visiting My Account online or calling Customer Care (191).
  32. Prepay customers can choose to cancel their subscription at the end of their current subscription period or immediately (provided it is more than 3 days before their subscription anniversary date)

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