Freebee Rewardz (September 2011 to May 2015)

Vodafone Freebee Rewardz - September 2011 to May 2015

  1. This is where you find the terms and conditions for Vodafone Freebee Rewardz. For any questions you might have about how it works and how you can get your hands on some rewardz, check out our FAQs.
  2. Let's kick off with some dates. Vodafone Freebees Rewardz launched at the end of September 2011 and will keep going until we let you know otherwise.
  3. It's a loyalty offer for pay as you go customers only (sorry, pay monthly customers - but you do get other treats) so, if that's you, you'll be opted in from day one, unless you choose otherwise. You can still take advantage of other Pay as you go promotions as well as Freebee Rewardz but, if you want to opt out, simply text 'STOP' to 27822.
  4. If you top up while roaming, we’ll work out the pounds Sterling equivalent of the currency you’ve spent (using the current exchange rate) and if it's £5 or more, we'll give you the amount of Pointz you would have got if you’d topped up in the UK.

How to take part

  1. Each time you top up you'll receive a Vodafone Freebee Rewardz code by text. You can then enter this on our site, along with the number of the phone you've just topped up. Then it's up to you whether you want to "Grab" or "Grow".

The difference between Grab and Grow

  1. "Grab" is an instant reward that you can claim there and then. To shake things up a bit, you'll see a choice of three Grab rewardz straight away and the chance to win one of our special the star prizes (something like an MP3 player, an experience day, vouchers or even a phone). Even if you don't win the star prize, you can still choose from all three Grab rewardz.
  2. "Grow" works on the basis of Pointz collection. For each £1 you spend on TopUps we'll give you 10 Pointz. So if you top up by £10 you'll have 100 Pointz to use. You can Grow your Pointz and save up for bigger and better rewardz. You can grow up to 10,000 Pointz so if you get towards your maximum you'll need to use them or lose them (see below). To Grow, either choose Grow on the website or reply to your TopUp text 27822 with the word GROW.

Claiming rewardz

  1. Within Grab, you'll be entitled to any reward you see. If you choose Grow, we'll make it very clear what your Pointz balance is and how many you need for each reward. If you're not on the site but want to know your Pointz balance, it's free to text 'POINTZ' to 27822, from anywhere in the UK (except the Isle of Man and Channel Islands).
  2. We often update and improve our rewardz so the best way to keep an eye on what's available is to keep coming back to the site.


  1. There are a few deadlines you should be aware of:
    1. You have 30 days from the day you top up to either Grow or Grab using your Freebee Rewardz code. After this time, the code expires.
    2. There may be an expiry on the rewardz you chose so check the individual terms on our website before you claim the reward.
    3. Pointz expire after two years so if you haven't spent them in that time, you'll lose them.

Vodafone Freebee Rewardz code

  1. Vodafone Freebee Rewardz codes are for use on our Freebee Rewardz site only. Please take care of your code. If your code is lost please text 'LOST' to 27822 and we'll send it to you again. You can only use each code once.

General stuff

  1. Pointz and rewardz are for your personal, non-commercial use and can't be transferred to anyone else. Your Pointz may only be earned and spent in accordance with these terms.
  2. Unless we tell you otherwise, you won’t be given a Freebees Rewardz code if you’re given a free TopUp for any reason. If you spend your Pointz on texts or minutes and are overdrawn using Vodafone IOU, we’ll collect the IOU fees first.
  3. You can't swap your Pointz or code for cash or any other kind of credit other than the rewardz found on the site.
  4. From time to time we may offer rewardz from other suppliers and those products or services may come with their own separate terms. We'll make sure we let you know if this happens.
  5. We’ll try our best to give you the rewardz you’ve chosen but, in some cases, they may be subject to availability. If we can’t get your chosen rewardz to you, we’ll either credit your Pointz back or see if you fancy another reward of equal value.
  6. Once you've chosen your reward you won't be able to change your mind. However, if you picked a Vodafone product (like a phone) you’ll be able to return it in accordance with our returns policy. Ask in store for details. If you chose a reward from any other supplier, you'll have to check their terms for information on returning it.

Changing or stopping Vodafone Freebee Rewardz

  1. We may vary, amend or withdraw Vodafone Freebee Rewardz at our sole discretion and, from time to time, may change the value of the Pointz or the rewardz available. If we do decide to make any significant changes we’ll make sure we give you plenty of notice.
  2. If we stop offering Vodafone Freebee Rewardz:
    1. You'll have one month, from the day it ends, to spend any Pointz you may have saved. Any unused Pointz beyond this date will automatically expire.
  3. If you move from Pay as you go to Pay monthly:
    1. Make sure you spend all of your Pointz before you move to Pay Monthly - otherwise you'll lose the Pointz you've grown.
  1. To make sure your rewardz are delivered safely, we might need to pass your details on to the supplier. But if you’re worried about privacy, don’t panic, we take it very seriously. Check out our Privacy Policy.

Who are we? Vodafone Limited, Vodafone House, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 2FN

Version September 2011