Terms and conditions

Vodafone Text Unlimited

You can get Vodafone Text Unlimited on any of our Pay as you go price plans excluding the Anynet and Anytime price plans. To register just call 2345.

You can choose to have either Free Weekends or Vodafone Text Unlimited on your account at any one time.

You’ll get a text reward every time you Top Up by a Qualifying Amount during a Qualifying Period. We’ll calculate your Qualifying Amount by counting the total amount you Top Up in each Qualifying Period, through whatever Top Up route you use.

Your Qualifying Period starts each month on your Reward Date, which is the date on which you register for Vodafone Text Unlimited. For example, if you register on 14th April, then your Reward Date will be 14th of each month and your Qualifying Period will run from 14th of each month to 13th of the following month. If in any month your Reward Date falls on a date that doesn’t exist (e.g. 31 April) your Reward Date will default to the previous day (e.g. 30 April).

If you’re eligible for a text reward we’ll apply it to your account the following month and it must be used during the Reward Period (within one calendar month from the date it‘s applied). E.g. if your Qualifying Period runs from 14 April to 13 May and you earn a text reward between these dates your reward will be applied to your account at midnight on 14 May and is valid until midnight on 13 June. You’ll get a text on the first day of the Reward Period telling you what type of reward you have qualified for.

If you have a Pay as you go Text Pack, texts will not be deducted from that Text Pack while they are covered by your free reward.

Your Reward Date will stay the same unless you remove & then re-register for Vodafone Text Unlimited.

Any TopUp you already have on your account at the time that you register won’t be counted towards qualifying Top Up for Vodafone Text Unlimited. Also, any free airtime that you get with other offers will not count towards qualifying Top Up for this promotion. TopUps that have been counted towards Text Unlimited rewards cannot subsequently be refunded.

If you qualify for Unlimited Weekday Evening text, the reward time period is from 7:30pm until midnight each weekday evening during the Reward Period. If you qualify for Unlimited Evening and Weekend text, the reward period is from 7:30pm until midnight each evening and from 7.30pm on Friday to midnight on Sunday during the Reward Period.

You can’t use Vodafone Text Unlimited with Vodafone Free Weekends, so if you choose it you will lose Free Weekends and any existing qualifying spend balance towards it. You can move back to Free Weekends, or remove this offer, at any time, but you will lose any existing TopUp qualifying balance.

Free texts are texts sent as a standard person to person text message to any UK mobile phone network, whilst within the UK. No premium rate text services are included. Texts must be for private, non-commercial use and not for messages sent by automated means or from any device other than your mobile phone. All other text messages will be charged at their standard rates.

This offer is subject at all times to a fair usage policy each month of 3000 text messages. Usage above this will be automatically charged at your price plan rate. We will notify you by text message when you reach this limit. We may withdraw the reward from your account or disconnect your SIM card if the fair usage policy is consistently reached, if daily usage is deemed to be excessive, or if we suspect the offer is being exploited for commercial benefit.

Vodafone Text Unlimited is subject to Vodafone’s Pay as you go Airtime and Price Plan Terms. We reserve the right to amend or vary the terms of this promotion, or to withdraw Vodafone Text Unlimited and its rewards at any time on reasonable notice.