Vodafone Household

Vodafone Household

The discount

  • Vodafone Household covers all of our existing-customer discounts for Pay monthly and customers
  • Existing customers are eligible for a 15% discount on the overall cost of any additional Pay monthly bundle they buy
  •  The discounts are available to any eligible Vodafone Pay monthly or SIM only customers who already pay the bill for at least one Pay monthly. The person who pays the bill is referred to as the ‘account owner’ in My Vodafone and these terms.
  • If  you the user of a discounted bundle but aren’t responsible for the bill, you’ll be referred to as the ‘account user’ in My Vodafone and these terms

Who’s eligible for the discount?
You’ll be eligible to become an account owner if you’re a Vodafone Pay monthly or SIM only customer:

  • Who currently pays the monthly bill for at least one Pay monthly or SIM only bundle for a phone, tablet or Mobile Wi-Fi
  • Who has at least 12 months remaining on the contract of their primary (full price) bundle
  • Whose primary bundle isn’t subject to any discount
  • Who passes our standard credit checks to enable the purchase of additional bundles

You’ll be eligible to become an account user if:

  • You’re a customer who wishes to apply the Vodafone Household (existing-customer) discount at the point of sale for a new Vodafone Pay monthly contract or upgrade.
  • The bundle you wish to apply the discount to isn’t subject to any other discount or offer

How it works

  • Vodafone Household must be applied at the point of sale – whether in store, online or through one of our contact centres
  • Vodafone Household works by allowing an existing Vodafone Pay monthly customer who pays the full price bill for at least one bundle to become the account owner of the discounted bundle
  • An account owner will be able to add additional bundles to their account at a discounted rate, subject to our standard credit checks
  • Account owners may use the discounted bundles themselves or give them to account users to use. The account owner always remains responsible to pay the bill for each bundle used by any account owner, in its entirety.

Cancellation and termination

  • If the account owner’s contract is terminated, they’ll no longer be eligible for the discounted bundles and will automatically be charged at the standard price for these bundles, pro-rated from the date the change in status occurs
  • If an account owner wishes to remove an account user from their account, we’ll notify the account user and give them the option to become the bill payer on their own account
  • In the event that ownership of the discounted bundle is transferred, the discount will only be maintained if the new owner meets the eligibility criteria to become an account owner

Please be aware

  • Vodafone Pay monthly customers whose primary line is SIM only are eligible to become account owners, but must meet the eligibility requirements.
  • Account users can’t remove themselves from an account without the account owner’s written permission
  • Should the account owner register or cancel a line mid-month, we’ll pro-rate the Vodafone Household benefits on the account owner’s bill. Should the account owner default on payment of any bills on their account, we reserve the right to suspend each of the products or services in their account until we receive payment from the account owner in full
  • Vodafone household discounts may only be used for private, non-commercial use, and are  subject to the Pay monthly airtime conditions and pricing terms
  • Vodafone Household discounts can’t be transferred, and no cash alternative is available
  • Vodafone Household discounts aren’t available to corporate customers

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