Red+ Sharer

Vodafone Red+

What we mean

“You/Your” – a consumer customer and the named account holder of each of the Lead Bundle and Sharer Bundle(s);

“Individual(s)” – the individual who is using the Lead Bundle or Sharer Bundle(s);

“Group” – the group of bundles in Your name consisting of the Lead Bundle and Sharer Bundle(s);

“Lead Bundle” – a Red Bundle, a Red Value Bundle or any other bundle which includes unlimited minutes and texts, and has a monthly data allowance. This bundle must be a 12- or 24-month Pay monthly agreement that You nominate as the Lead Bundle within the Group;

“Sharer Bundle(s)” – a discounted Standard Bundle which is available to be added to the Group. This bundle doesn’t have a monthly data allowance but it can use the monthly data allowance of a Lead Bundle;

“Standard Bundle” – one of the following 12- or 24-month Pay monthly bundles with the same mobile equipment and minimum agreement duration but without a discount:

  • A Red Bundle or a Red Value Bundle which includes unlimited minutes, texts and a monthly data allowance; or
  • A data-only bundle which includes a monthly data allowance.

How it works

  1. As the account holder You must be the Lead Bundle or nominate another bundle in the Group to be the Lead Bundle.

  2. Once You have a Lead Bundle, You can add up to 9 Sharer Bundle(s) to the Group. Once You have set up the Group each Sharer Bundle(s) will be able to use the Lead Bundle’s monthly data allowance.

  3. If the Group uses all the monthly data allowance on the Lead Bundle, then no Individual in the Group will be able to use any data for the remainder of that billing period.

  4. You can increase the amount of data available to the Group to use by increasing the data allowance on a Lead Bundle in two ways:
    1. Increase the monthly data allowance on the Lead Bundle by moving to a bundle with a larger monthly data allowance; or
    2. Add an additional monthly data bundle to the Lead Bundle when You need more data.

  5. Please note: if You move the Lead Bundle to a bundle with a larger monthly data allowance, You can’t move back down again to a bundle with a lower monthly data allowance during your minimum agreement period. However, any additional monthly data bundles You add to the Lead Bundle can be removed the following month.

  6. You can limit how much data the Lead Bundle and Sharer Bundle(s) can use each month.

  7. If You already have additional bundles that you want to add to the Group as a Sharer Bundle(s), You can add them as soon as they’re eligible to upgrade.

  8. If You want to replace the Lead Bundle in your Group, please contact us. You will only be able to replace the Lead Bundle once in any 3-month period.

  9. Please be aware

  10. You are responsible for all charges (monthly bundle, out-of-bundle and third-party charges) associated with the usage of the mobile equipment and services within the Group.

  11. You will remain responsible to pay the usage for Individual(s) and the Group’s monthly bill in its entirety. If there is a default payment on the Group’s monthly bill we’ll suspend the Lead Bundle and Sharer Bundle(s) in the Group until we receive payment in full.

  12. Individuals may receive or be able to access usage information about other bundles within the Group. Unless we otherwise agree, the Individual who is responsible for the Lead Bundle will be able to make changes to the Lead Bundle and Sharer Bundle(s) data limits by text and be notified of any changes. You’ll be responsible for and be required to comply with such changes.

  13. If the Lead Bundle ends then either:
    1. A Sharer Bundle(s) within the Group must be nominated to be the new Lead Bundle immediately; or
    2. A new Lead Bundle must be added to the Group immediately.

  14. No data allowance will be available to the Individual(s) in the Group until there’s a nominated Lead Bundle. When a Sharer Bundle(s) becomes a Lead Bundle the monthly charge and data allowance for that bundle will revert to the equivalent Standard Bundle.

  15. If a Sharer Bundle(s) within the Group is not immediately nominated as the Lead Bundle or a new Lead Bundle is not added to the Group, then all Sharer Bundle(s) in the Group will revert to their equivalent Standard Bundle, with the increased monthly charge and data allowance. The discount which was applied to the Sharer Bundle(s) will be removed.

  16. Neither a Lead Bundle nor Sharer Bundle(s) can be part of more than one Group. No other discounts can be used with Sharer Bundle(s) and our Data Test Drive offer doesn’t apply to any of the bundles within the Group.

  17. Each bundle in the Group is subject to the Pay monthly airtime conditions and Pay monthly charges guide. You can’t change a Sharer Bundle(s) during its minimum agreement period and You can’t make changes to a Lead Bundle, other than increasing your monthly data allowance, during its minimum agreement period. However, an Individual of a bundle may be able to add or remove additional products and services to that bundle. If they do, You will be bound by such changes.

  18. If any bundle within the Group wishes to benefit from Vodafone EuroTraveller, Vodafone Ireland Plus, Vodafone WorldTraveller or Vodafone Data Traveller then those products must be added to that bundle, not the Lead Bundle.

  19. We may vary or amend these terms from time to time, but if it’s to Your disadvantage, we’ll give You at least 14 days’ notice of such a change.

We are Vodafone Limited, Vodafone House, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2FN.

Version: July 2015