Terms and conditions

Mobile broadband price plans (from July 2009)

If you are a business customer, please read the Mobile Broadband Business terms

1. Your Agreement with us is made up of:

a. the Price Plan details including the minimum period notified to you or stated in your welcome pack;

b. these Price Plan Terms applicable to your Price Plan (also available from our retail stores); and the Pay Monthly Airtime terms and conditions.

2. All prices include VAT, which will be charged where applicable, unless otherwise stated.

3. Prices and promotions are correct at time of going to press, but may change at any time. We will inform you of changes to your price plan in line with your airtime agreement.

4. Prices and information apply for pay monthly services where Vodafone Limited is the Service Provider. Other Service Providers may have different prices and terms. Further details of charges are available on request.

5. Connections include a SIM card and are subject to status and signature of an airtime agreement. The agreement will be for a minimum term as stated in your price plan during which time you must pay the line rental and other charges. If you have subscribed to a monthly data bundle and enter into your agreement on any day other than the first of the month then, for that month only, we will charge you a proportionate amount of line rental and you will receive the same proportion of inclusive data from your data allowance.

6. If you are on a standard USB modem monthly Mobile Broadband price plan you may change your price plan free of charge to the one with the next lower monthly cost to your current price plan (if one is available) when you are nine months into your existing contract.

7. If you are on a Netbook or Laptop monthly Mobile Broadband price plan, you cannot change to a lower monthly cost price plan during the minimum term of your price plan, but you may upgrade to a higher value monthly plan at any time if one is available.

8. Itemised bills list all calls, data and messages (picture and text messages) made.<

9. Our billing system measures data usage in 1 byte steps. If you exceed your monthly data allowance by 1 byte, out-of-bundle charging will apply. Our system also rounds up to the next 1/10 of 1 pence.

10. You cannot rollover any unused allowance into the next charging period.

11. If you subscribe to any daily or monthly bundle of data access, once you've used up your allowance in any charging period you'll be charged at our standard out of bundle rate for data access. To see the current rates that apply please go to www.vodafone.co.uk/mobilebroadband.

12. You can monitor your data usage by checking the usage dashboard. Selecting 'help' on the dashboard will provide advice & guidance on how to use this feature. However this is a guide only and as our billing system is not updated instantly you may exceed your data allowance. If this happens you will still be liable for all data access charges.

13. Inclusive allowances for Mobile Broadband 1GB, 3GB, Mobile Broadband 5GB and Mobile Broadband 30 Day can be used in the UK only.

14. Text messages sent from your Mobile Broadband usage dashboard will be charged at our standard rate for text messages. For more information about SMS pricing please take a look at the pages on text messaging at www.vodafone.co.uk

15. Mobile Broadband devices are compatible with Windows XP and Vista operating systems and Mac OS (may require additional drivers). For latest information please refer to www.vodafone.co.uk/mobilebroadband

16. Maximum speeds of up to 7.2Mbps (dependent on device) are available in selected areas of the UK within Vodafone's HSDPA network in the UK. Service limitations and terms apply.

17. Vodafone’s reserves the right to restrict of block access to this service if in its reasonable opinion the service is being used for other purposes.

18. You may only use you Mobile Broadband SIM Card in, or connect it to, modems, data cards and / or laptops. If you use you Mobile Broadband SIM Card in a handset or any other device which is not listed above we will contact you and ask you not to use you SIM Card in this way. If you continue to do so we will either; disconnect you from the service, throttle your speed and / or charge you for your unauthorised use.

19. If you enter into the Agreement on or after the 01 July 2009 and you are on an unrestricted data price plan or you have an unrestricted data bundle, you are permitted to use the mobile internet for:

a. calls over the internet (voice over IP); and

b. Peer to Peer Communication services.

If you are on a restricted price plan without an unrestricted data bundle we will block access to these services, restrict network performance and / or charge you for this use at the full published rates as set out online at the link provided below.

20. Data access abroad is available with selected price plans. For further information about data access while roaming please see the 'Going abroad' pages at www.vodafone.co.uk/mobilebroadband.

21. All data access while roaming is recorded in GMT. Charging periods will start and run in GMT regardless of which time zone you may be in when accessing data.

22. Mobile Broadband 1GB, Mobile Broadband 3GB and Mobile Broadband 5GB are subject to the following limits;

a. Mobile Broadband 1GB – 1GB of data a month (UK only)

b. Mobile Broadband 3GB – 3GB of data a month (UK only)


c. Mobile Broadband 5GB – 5GB of data a month (UK only)

If you exceed these limits an out-of-bundle charge of £15 per GB will apply.

23. Mobile Broadband 30 Day is subject to a data limit 3GB of data a month (UK only) subject to a fair use policy.

24. Customers with Mobile Broadband 1GB, Mobile Broadband 3GB and Mobile Broadband 5GB can also take advantage of roaming whilst abroad. Mobile Broadband 1GB, 3GB and 5GB price plans have a data allowance of 50MB in any 24hr period, for pricing information see www.vodafone.co.uk/goingabroad. Roaming is not available to customers on Mobile Broadband 30 Day price plan.

25. If Vodafone Content Control prevents you from accessing any internet content you will still incur a data access charge for any data used in the attempt to view the content.

26. Cover Me insurance will not cover non-warranty damage to a Netbook or Laptop, Customers need to check that the device is covered by other insurance means, such as household and contents insurance. If they are not covered and they suffer non-warranty covered damage, then they will need to contact the device manufacturer directly.