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Pay as you go price plan Vodafone Simply (from 2009)

The basics

You can find more information about our call charges at www.vodafone.co.uk, in our price plan guide or by calling 191 from your mobile or 0333 3048 069 from any other phone. (You’ll be charged at your telephone provider’s published rate.) Calls to 191, are free when you call on your mobile within the UK, unless you speak to an adviser.

When you’re in the UK

For calls from your Vodafone mobile

We count a day as midnight to midnight. A standard call is a call to landlines (with numbers beginning 01, 02 and 03), Vodafone mobiles, voicemail or other UK mobile networks within the UK (but not the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands). A standard text is a text to other Vodafone mobiles or other UK mobile networks within the UK (but not the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands). We charge each call by the second and round up to the next whole penny. A minimum call charge applies. Different charges apply for calls to another country, calls made while abroad, non-standard calls, including premium-rate calls and numbers that do not begin 01, 02 or 03. You can find more information at www.vodafone.co.uk.

For calls to your Vodafone mobile

You don’t have to pay for receiving calls unless you use a foreign network. Charges for calls from a fixed line or other mobile network to your phone are set by the other network operator.

Text Messages

A standard text message is 160 characters (letters, numbers and so on) long, but some handsets let you send longer ones. In that case, the message will be divided up into the number of texts needed to pass on the message. Each one of these will be charged at the standard rate for your price plan. Receiving text messages from another mobile while in the UK is free. Text messages which are premium rate, international, sent and received abroad, reverse charged and long are not included in the standard rates. As a result, you will have to pay extra charges.

Multimedia messaging service (MMS)

Using Vodafone MMS you can send messages containing text, pictures and video, but these are limited to 300 kilobytes (KB) each. If a message contains more than one media item, you will be charged for the largest item in the message. Messages sent while abroad, premium-rate and reverse-charged messages are not included in the standard rate so you may have to pay extra charges.

Video calls

Charges for video calls start when the person you are calling accepts the call, even if the call then fails. As a result, you may have to pay a minimum charge for a failed call. Video calls on the Vodafone network depend on our 3G network coverage. You can find more information on 3G network coverage at www.vodafone.co.uk/ukcoverage or at any Vodafone store.

Mobile internet and data usage

We charge data use by kilobyte (Kb) at our published rates in 1Kb steps. We have a minimum charge for data use in the UK. We round up the charge to the next whole penny at the end of each use. If Vodafone content control prevents you from looking at any mobile internet content, you will have to pay a data charge, at your normal price plan rate, for any data you use in trying to look at the content. All data services, which we offer free or under unlimited subscription, are covered by our fair-use policy. If, in our reasonable opinion, you are using the services too much or over any set amount, we may ask you to reduce your usage. If after we have asked you to reduce your usage, you fail to do so, we can:

  • charge you for the extra at your price plan's standard rate;
  • limit the speed of your service; or
  • suspend or end your service in line with the pay as you go airtime conditions.

If you are on an unrestricted data price plan or you have an unrestricted data bundle, you can use the mobile internet for:

A) calls over the internet;

B) legally sharing data files over the internet; and

C) giving other people access to your mobile equipment over the internet.

If you are on a restricted price plan without an unrestricted data bundle, we will:

  • block access to these services;
  • restrict network performance; or
  • charge you for this use at the full published rates as set out at www.vodafone.co.uk

Text packs

Each text pack runs for 30 days or until you have used your messages, whichever is first. Each time you send a standard text message, we will take it from your pack. You will lose any unused messages at the end of the 30-day period. If you buy more than one pack at the same time, they’ll run one after the other so that the second pack starts as soon as you finish the first pack. You cannot use text packs for text messages sent from outside the UK.

Calling abroad from the UK

The charges for calling abroad from the UK depend on where you’re calling. We charge each call by the second and round it up to the next whole penny. A minimum call charge applies. You can get more information on call charges at www.vodafone.co.uk/international.

When you’re outside the UK

Going abroad

Unless you opt into Vodafone Passport, we will charge you in line with our Vodafone World prices as described below. Eligible calls are any calls made or received outside of the UK (but not premium-rate and satellite calls, and calls made using Vodafone Passport). We charge eligible calls (including calls to freephone numbers) and texts to anywhere in the world at the zone flat-rate price which applies for that country. For eligible calls you receive while abroad, we charge you for us sending the call from the UK to the country you are in. We charge this per second with a minimum call charge at the zone flat-rate price which applies for that country. If a call made to you while abroad is diverted, we will charge you for receiving a call unless the call is diverted to your voicemail. If a foreign network operator charges us an administration fee for you to receive a text message on their network, we will pass this charge to you.

In the Europe zone we charge calls you make in one-second increments with a 30-second minimum call charge. In all other zones, we charge you for calls you make in 30-second increments with a one-minute minimum call charge.

Charges for premium-rate and satellite calls will depend on the cost charged by the foreign network operator and changes in the exchange rate. They also include minimum charges. You will also have to pay a network-handling fee for these calls.

If you use data when outside the UK, we will charge you using the data-roaming charges. These charges will be in 1KB steps and rounded up to the nearest penny at the end of each session. If you use data while abroad, the usage is not eligible under extras packs and data bundles. When sending and receiving an MMS, data transfer charges apply and depend on the size of the message.

The list of countries in each zone and the status of a network as a Vodafone preferred network may change. If you cannot receive access to a Vodafone preferred network, you may get access to another foreign network operator in that country. If so, you will be charged at the rate for a non-Vodafone preferred network. For more information, including details on call and data charges, and which countries are within which pricing zones, see www.vodafone.co.uk/goingabroad

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