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Lockdown didn’t thwart car thieves, but Vodafone did

From bargain bangers to pricey Bentleys, Vodafone Automotive tracked and helped recover hundreds of stolen motors across the world in 2020. One continental crime involving a Mercedes (like the one pictured) stretched from Milan to Stockholm.

A Mercedes stolen in Milan was retrieved in Stockholm, some 2,000km away, thanks to Vodafone Automotive.

The Mercedes SUV (sports utility vehicle) is fitted with Vodafone Automotive’s anti-theft technology, like many others across the world, enabling the vehicle to be tracked across borders using Vodafone’s mobile networks. Vodafone Automotive was able to do what international travel restrictions imposed to contain the pandemic could not – stopping car thieves in their tracks.

The SUV had been stolen in Milan on 21 November 2020 and retrieved in Stockholm three weeks later on 11 December 2020. In some cases, stolen vehicles can be retrieved even more quickly – the shortest time on record for 2020 is just five minutes.

Fastest recovery

5 mins

Audi S6, Netherlands

Most expensive vehicle recovered


Bentley Continental

Cheapest vehicle recovered

A Bentley Continental was the most expensive vehicle recovered by Vodafone Automotive during 2020.
Credits: James Lipman
A Bentley Continental was the most expensive vehicle recovered by Vodafone Automotive during 2020.

Vodafone Automotive’s tech isn’t restricted to luxury cars. During 2020, it has been used to track and recover bargain basement bangers, scooters and even industrial equipment, such as concrete pumps and mini excavators, which had been left unguarded on construction sites.

In 2019, Vodafone Automotive helped recover a car stolen from actor Richard E. Grant.

“In 2020, we recovered vehicles across 16 countries in Europe, North America, South East Asia and Russia, thanks to our interconnected network of Secure Operating Centres,” says Carol Russell, Partner Markets Manager at Vodafone Automotive.

“We’ve remained on-hand in 57 countries with our world-class technology and expertise, to make sure we are there to support our customers when they need us.”

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