News | 30 Mar 2022

STEP change: How Vodafone is helping improve road safety

STEP from Vodafone is compatible with all third-party map apps and in-vehicle navigation systems, providing up-to-date safety and traffic information.

To help improve road safety, Vodafone has launched a new system that enables public authorities to deliver timely safety and traffic information directly to smartphone mapping apps and in-vehicle navigation systems.

Using the Safer Transport for Europe Platform (STEP), public authorities can send information about lane closures, speed restrictions and traffic incidents straight to the devices that drivers already use and depend on. Information can be delivered through STEP with as much detail as needed and much more quickly than slower, more limited alternatives, such as signs on roadsides and motorway gantries.

STEP will be available in Vodafone Automotive apps later this year and is available for use by the developers of third-party apps. It builds on Vodafone’s successful trials of C-V2X technology in the West Midlands.

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In future, STEP could be used to monitor road usage in real-time using anonymised and aggregated vehicle position data, as well as warn drivers of large vehicles about nearby cyclists and pedestrians who might not be immediately visible.

Vinod Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, Vodafone Business, said: “This scaled platform enables the delivery of vital safety information to all road users, no matter what app or system they rely on. STEP encourages the collaboration needed between transport authorities, app developers and the automotive industry to unlock the full value of data and connectivity in helping make Europe’s roads safer.”

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