Features | 22 Dec 2020

How to use the Vodafone UK News Centre

The Vodafone UK News Centre is a useful resource full of news articles, press releases, features, videos and Viewpoints. But it does more than you might think. Follow our tips below to make the most of it.

Sign up for notifications

The first thing you should do is sign up for notifications so that you receive an automatic alert as soon as we publish something.

News Centre Guide: Notifications

Look for the bell icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your browser (works for most browsers except Internet Explorer) and follow the simple instructions.

Search the archive

You can find specific articles using the search facilty at the top of the page – look for the magnifying glass icon in the top right-hand corner and search on key words.

Use the top-level tabs to navigate your way to the main pages.

Use category pages

Clicking on the category link above or underneath the headline of each article will show you all the articles to do with that theme on one handy page or pages.

Diagram showing how to filter by category on the News Centre.
Click on the category section at the top of the page to see a list of related articles

So, for example, if an article has been categorised ‘Digital Parenting’, clicking on that category will take you to all the Digital Parenting features. Similarly for ‘Internet of Things’, ‘Smart Living’ or any of the other categories.

The same goes for the topic cluster headers on the Home and Features pages.

News Centre Guide

Interested in all things 5G? Just click on the 5G topic cluster header and you’ll be shown all the 5G stories, features, videos and press releases we’ve published in one place.

Follow us on Twitter

Following @VodafoneUKNews on Twitter is another handy way to keep up-to-date, not just with Vodafone UK related news, but with all the other great content we produce.

There’s a ‘Follow’ button on the News Centre home page Twitter feed or simply go through to our Twitter page and follow us there.