Features | 26 Jun 2017

What the new EU roaming regulations mean for you

You might’ve heard about the recent changes to EU roaming, but what does it mean for you? Find out everything you need to know about using your phone in more places with the UK’s best network for roaming…

It’s official. Roaming charges within the EU have been abolished and that means wherever you’re travelling to in the EU you can now use your phone to make calls, send messages and use data at the same rate you would back home. It’s fantastic news for summer, but what does it mean for you?
We explore the ins and outs of EU roaming and how Vodafone UK takes you further…

Supporting new and existing customers

The great news is that you don’t need to do anything – you’re automatically going to benefit from our new roaming plans.
The new regulations mean you’ll now be able to take your UK price plan overseas and use it at no extra cost* across the EU member states, which cover 27 destinations. That’s pretty good news, but it doesn’t end there…

Because we want you to use your phone abroad worry free, we’ve extended the list of destinations that you can use your Pay monthly UK plan, Pay as you go Big Value Bundle, or Pay as you go UK call, text and data rates at no additional cost to 50, including Turkey, Switzerland and the Channel Islands.
And if you have a Pay monthly plan – on top of our Roam-free destinations – you’ll also able to take advantage of our great value roaming services in an additional 60 Roam-further destinations. Roam-further gives you greater control over your roaming bill by letting you take your UK minutes, texts and data on holiday with you for just £5 per day, and only on the days you use your phone.
All this means you can use maps to find your way, check TripAdvisor for restaurant reviews, or contact your Airbnb host worry free.

Saving you more

For the full list of places included in our 50 Roam-free and 60 Roam-further destinations, visit Vodafone.co.uk/travelling. But what about travelling to other places, we hear you ask?
We know our customers are trailblazing globe trotters and that’s why we’re also offering great roaming deals in 109 other destinations around the world, with the same rates applying to both Pay monthly and Pay as you go customers.
And from 5 August we’re reducing the cost of roaming in many of these places too. For example, if you’re travelling to holiday hotspots like the Bahamas or French Polynesia, you’ll pay just 7p a text and 10p per megabyte (MB) of data when the new prices kick int. If you’re headed to places like Morocco or the Seychelles you’ll save as well, with texts costing just 25p and data 50p/MB – leaving you a bit more cash to splash on the necessities, like ice cream and poolside drinks.
For a list of all our updated roaming pricing to Vodafone.co.uk/travelling
[features post=”” image=”17229″ file-type=”image” info=”Already with us?” title=”” link=”http://www.vodafone.co.uk/explore/costs/travelling-abroad/global-roaming/index.htm” target=”_self”]If you’re planning a trip abroad you can get exclusive discounts on smartphones with Global Roaming for you and your family. See how we go the extra mile for you. [/features]

Who offers the best roaming service?

This is an interesting question, with a clear answer. We may be slightly biased (of course!) but The Sun’s just named us the Best Network for Holidays. Read on to find out why…
While the EU roaming regulations ensure you don’t pay any extra to use your plan in the 27 EU member states, they don’t guarantee you access to a great network experience, and that’s where we’re going even further to give you the UK’s best network for roaming.
In addition to offering great value, here are some of the other reasons we’re claiming that top roaming position:

  • We offer 4G roaming in twice as many destinations as our nearest competitor, reaching 120 destinations across the world
  • You’ll get the full power of the network you’re using when roaming on Vodafone, while some of our competitors will only give you access to slower data speeds, and that matters if you’re trying to stream and browse by the poolside.
  • You’ll also be able to use your full data allowance when roaming, unlike some of our competitors who set a monthly limit on how much data you can use abroad.
  • Regardless of whether you are in a Roam-free or Roam-further destination you will can always call in country with us, so you can book a local taxi or restaurant. Some operators don’t include this benefit, so you might want to double check before you travel.

Aside from these great reasons, we’re also working hard in the background to make sure that the support experience our customer receive when they’re roaming on other Vodafone networks across the world is of the highest possible standard – an effort that we’re proud to say has already won industry accolades, picking up the Global Business Telecoms (GBT) Award for Customer Service Innovation.
There you have it: great value, same great service, more amazing destinations. Make sure you pack your phone this summer because wherever you’re going, we’re coming with you!