Pay as you go with Vodafone

If you're looking for more freedom from your phone, with more control over what you spend, then Pay as you go is a great option. Forget lengthy contracts and nasty surprise bills – simply top up with credit and you’ll only pay for what you use.

Want Pay as you go but with more flexibility? Regular phone users may like one of our Big Value Bundles – giving you more data, minutes and texts on Pay as you go for less. Or, if you want to simply Pay as you go and get unlimited usage on the occasional days you need it, for only one pound, then Pay as you go 1 might be right for you.

The good news is, that however you choose to use Pay as you go, you’ll earn Rewards each time you top up.

Why Vodafone Pay as you go?

  • Total Rollover Total Rollover

    Total Rollover

    Roll over unused data, minutes and texts into next month with our Big Value Bundles

  • Icon of a plane taking off Roaming

    Worry-free roaming

    Use your phone as you do at home in all 50 destinations [PDF: 669KB] of our Europe Zone

  • Vodafone Rewards icon Vodafone Rewards icon

    Rewards Points

    Top up, treat, repeat every time you TopUp with Vodafone Rewards

  • My Vodafone App My Vodafone App

    You're in control

    Top up, view credit and allowances and choose Rewards with the My Vodafone app

Buy online, worry-free

Check out our Pay as you go options and get a brand new SIM for free. We offer a great range of phones – all with hassle-free returns within 30 days, and free delivery.

Stay connected with Pay as you go

Experience Pay as you go in the My Vodafone app

Get to the things you want quickly and easily with the My Vodafone app. It’s free to download and simple to use. Get more from your Pay as you go account at your fingertips, 24/7.

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Pay as you go

Which is the best plan for you? If you stream, share and browse every day, try a Big Value Bundle. With the option to roll any unused data, minutes, and texts into the next month. Or, if you prefer Pay as you go but with the option to use your phone more, once-in-a-while, without worrying about costs. Then consider Pay as you go 1.

Instant TopUps

Topping up is quick, safe and secure. Use the My Vodafone app or log in to My Vodafone and save your card details for a fast hassle-free experience. You can also top up by phone or text, or in your local Vodafone shop.  There’s also the option to purchase a TopUp voucher in many retail stores.

You can top up with any value from £5 to £50.

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Mobile Network of the Year 2017

We’re thrilled to have been named Mobile Network of the Year 2017 by Trusted Reviews. It’s a fantastic reward for the work we’ve been putting in to improving our network and service – so we’d like to say a big thank you to you, our customers, for voting for us.

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Rewards points
with every TopUp

With Rewards on Pay as you go, you can collect Rewards points with each and every TopUp. You can redeem your points for a range of great Rewards – high street vouchers, the latest accessories or even a new phone. Check out the great range of benefits we offer.

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