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Reporting suspected fraud and staying safe

Phone call

Reporting suspected fraud

If you believe that a fraudster may have gained access to your Vodafone account, please contact us immediately.

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Wangiri Fraud

If you're getting frequent missed calls from international numbers you don't recognise, it could be Wangiri fraud.

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Find out everything you need to know about Phishing scams and protecting yourself.

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Mobile Security

Keep information on your phone secure. Protect your email, mobile banking and social media.

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Protecting your identity

Find out the steps you can take to keep your identity safe.

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Debit card

Payment card security

We’re committed to protecting your debit or credit card details so you can be confident when buying from us.

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Security lock

Blocked number ranges

If you believe a number has been blocked in error, please call Customer Services on 191 for free.

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Nuisance calls and texts

Nuisance calls and texts can cause significant disruption and frustration.

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Sending proof of your identity documents

Fill out our Fraud ID Verification form and our dedicated staff will get back to you.

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