We will offer free connectivity to 200,000 refugees arriving in the UK from Ukraine with our charities.connected initiative. If you are a UK charity supporting refugees, we would love to hear from you.

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Help UK charities donate SIMs to the Ukraine Crisis

We've had many charities and individuals so far requesting SIMs through our charities.connected programme to support those affected by the war in Ukraine.

For full information on how to access or apply for a SIM head to our charities.connected page.

How we’re helping with the crisis in Ukraine


Discover what we've been doing to help people in the Ukraine stay connected with friends and family.

Donate to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal

We’re match-funding donations to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal through the British Red Cross up to £250,000. If you’d like to donate £10, text VODAFONE to 70141. For any other amount, visit British Red Cross.

Vodafone steps up response to Ukraine crisis

We've redoubled our efforts to help those affected by the Ukraine crisis with a new package of measures, including match funding donations to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal and launching a tech appeal for refugees.

Vodafone asks refugee charities to get in touch

We want to provide ‘vital connectivity’ for up to 200,000 Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war. If you're a charity preparing to welcome refugees, please get in touch with us so we can help.


Our campaign to help connect 1 million people living in digital exclusion by the end of 2022.

How we're getting everyone connected

Tech donations

Donate your old devices and we’ll gift them to people in need through our Great British Tech Appeal, along with 6 months’ free data and unlimited calls and texts.


We’re working with many charity partners to help those in need get the access, knowledge and confidence to get online.

Buy One Give One

When you become a Vodafone Together household, we'll donate a prepaid 20GB SIM to someone living in digital poverty for up to a year.

Together we have connected 407,949 people

Since May 2021

Discover more about our campaigns to ensure everyone has the chance to stay connected

What are you giving away?

By December 2022 we will connect one million people by giving SIM cards which will provide mobile connectivity to people who are digitally excluded and charities working to tackle digital exclusion

How will you decide who to give connectivity to?

We will be working with UK charities to give connectivity to digitally-excluded people, and by helping charities to deliver digital exclusion programmes. We're doing this through three key initiatives:

  • Buy One Give One
  • The Great British Tech Appeal
  • charities.connected

Can I apply for a free SIM card?

We're working with charity partners to distribute the SIMs. Individuals can't apply for a free SIM, but charities can apply for SIMs to support people who are digitally excluded and programmes that are tackling digital exclusion through our charities.connected initiative.

Explore the campaigns tackling digital exclusion

The Great British Tech Appeal

Millions of people across the UK don’t have adequate tech or access to the internet, making it a struggle to access basic services, study from home, or simply keep in touch with loved ones. Our Great British Tech Appeal collects and redistributes used smartphones, tablets and laptops with free data to the people that need them most.

When you donate an old phone, tablet or laptop, you’ll be helping help disadvantaged young people access remote learning, connect with loved ones and stay safe.


If you're a charity that needs support, you can apply for free Vodafone SIMs, each loaded with 20GB data plus unlimited calls and texts to be used over 6 months. You can use these however you like - for example, to help stay in touch with service users, or deliver training.

It's quick and easy to apply - and if you have any questions, we're here to support you along the way.


Buy One Give One

When you become a Vodafone Together household, we’ll give someone living in digital poverty free connectivity for up to a year by donating a prepaid 20GB SIM with unlimited calls and texts.

Vodafone Together brings together unlimited home broadband and unlimited mobile data all in one place. Get unbreakable broadband and TV with unlimited 5G mobile data for your whole household. A family of four could save up to £700 a year by switching to Vodafone, so why not give it a go?

Find out more about Buy One Give One

A message from Ahmed Essam, our CEO

A message from our CEO, Ahmed Essam

“In a society which increasingly demands a digital connection, we have put tackling the digital divide at the heart of our business.

Thank you for supporting our commitment to connect one million people by the end of 2022.

Together we can help everyone get the connectivity they need to work, play, learn, access support and keep in touch with their friends, families and communities.”

– Ahmed Essam, CEO, Vodafone UK



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Terms and Conditions

 †By texting you consent to future telephone & SMS marketing contact from British Red Cross. Text VODAFONE NO to 70141 to give £10 without consenting to calls & texts. Texts cost £10 + one standard message. The British Red Cross will receive 100%. For full T&Cs visit redcross.org.uk/terms.