Get phone or tablet help from our Tech Team Experts

Whether you need help setting up your new phone or something's just not working right, our Tech Team Experts are here to help - with friendly, practical advice personalised to your needs.

What our Tech Team can do for you

Got a new phone?

Get help moving all your apps, photos and settings from your old phone to your new one.

Quick fixes

We can fix about 90% of software problems without having to send your device away.

App advice

There's an app for everything. Our Tech Experts will show you apps that can make life easier for you.

One-to-one tutorials

Personalised, one-to-one tutorials to help you get the most from your device - great for smartwatches and tech.

Book time with our Tech Team

Available in-person at one of our stores - book time with our team to make your tech work for you.

There may be a cost, but we'll let you know upfront.

Check out our How-to videos

Master messaging and video calling.

Get the hang of social media.

Spot online scams.

Find tips for all of this and more in the easy-to-follow video guides on our YouTube channel.

Download our How-to guides

Know someone who struggles with tech?

These printable guides for Android and iOS devices have loads of useful tips for things like making a FaceTime call or spotting a suspicious email.