The best mobile phones with big buttons for elderly people

The best phones with big buttons

If you’re looking for a phone with big buttons for an older person that’s easy to use, there are plenty to choose from. Lots of people prefer a phone they can easily text and call on - and these types of phones are especially good for elderly people, people who are hard of hearing or use hearing aids, or people with limited sight. Here are the phones with large, easy-to-use buttons we’d recommend.

Doro 8100

Nokia 110 4G (2023)

Easy to use mobile phones

Navigating a new phone can be complex - especially if all you want to do is send a short text or call someone for a quick chat.

The Nokia 110 has a clear icon menu which is easy to use, and you can also return to the main menu at the click of a button.

Phones for hearing impaired people with clear sound

It can be a struggle to make a call if you're hard of hearing - especially if you're in a busy place, or there's a lot going on around you.

The Doro 7030 provides loud, high-quality sound, so you can easily hear who you're speaking to. It's also hearing aid compatible and has a speakerphone function so you can play voice messages out loud and have conversations without using the earpiece.

Setting spending limits to avoid costly bills

Spend Manager sets a monthly budget for data and also covers the cost-per-minute part of premium rate calls, picture messages and one-off premium rate texts. It’s handy for older people who may be unaware of hidden costs when it comes to texting or calling premium-rate numbers or downloading films or games.

Once Spend Manager is set up, an older person won’t be able to go over their set data allowance, call or text premium-rate numbers or send any more picture messages. However, they’ll still be able to use WiFi, and contact you when they need to, as all of our plans come with unlimited texts and minutes. Plus, if you need to check how many minutes an older person is using every month, you can check their plan details

You can easily buy one of our Extras to boost a plan’s data or add unlimited picture messages. Extras usually work out cheaper than racking up out-of-plan charges and they’re automatically added to the bill. You can choose a one-off Extra or set up a recurring Extra.

Adding someone to a Vodafone account

If an elderly person needs help managing their phone bill, you can add an additional person on to an account to monitor spending and phone usage. There are different levels of permissions so you can decide which level of access you’re both comfortable with.

Adding an extra person as an account owner means they can cancel a contract, see bills, see calls and messages, and make credit card payments to settle a balance.

Smartphones with an easy-to-find home key

The Doro 8050 comes with a large, oval-shaped home key at the base of the screen, which lets you return to your home screen if you can’t find an app, or you need to make a call. It’s especially handy if you’ve been using lots of apps and you’re struggling to make your way back to the home screen, or if you need to do a speedy Google search.

Plus, as you can customise your home screen with the apps you frequently use - such as your phone book, texts and messaging - you can get to where you need to be in a flash.

Simple phones with good cameras

Just because you’re after a simple, dependable phone doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun.

Whether you’re getting some unmissable pictures of your pets or you’d like to share some high-quality shots of your latest holiday, the Doro 8050's 13-megapixel rear camera is simple to use.

Phones for people with limited dexterity

You might want to look at the Doro 7030 if you have trouble holding a phone, typing numbers or messages or limited dexterity

This simple flip phone has widely separated, clearly-labelled buttons and a large, bright 2.8-inch colour display. It weighs just 124g and there are several shortcut buttons for features such as the camera, so you won’t have to navigate through lots of complicated menus.

Call for help with an SOS button

If you worry that you won't be able to use your phone quickly in an emergency, a mobile with an SOS button can put your mind at ease, and give you the confidence to live your life to the full. There's an easy-to-find assistance button on the back of the Doro 7030 - push it if you need to contact friends and family in an emergency.

The phone will automatically send your chosen contacts a text with your GPS location. Even if your mobile phone is on a Pay as you go contract and you have no credit, you'll always be able to use this feature.

Buying a big button phone on Pay as you go

When you buy a Pay as you go phone from us, we offer a range of simple Pay as you go bundles to keep your phone topped up and help you keep an eye on your spending.

These 30-day bundles all come with unlimited minutes and texts, and range from 5GB to unlimited 7G data. Any unused data rolls into the next 30 days, and you're not tied into a contract.

If you find yourself running low on data, you can easily top up your Pay as you go bundle

And if you're not ready to pick a bundle yet, that's totally fine - you can order a free SIM for your Pay as you go device and add a bundle later.

Find your perfect match

Here are the phones which we’d recommend for people who need big buttons and clear displays. If you think a tablet would be a better choice for you, or someone you’re buying for, you can browse our range of the best tablets for older people

Find out more about staying in touch

Phishing is when fraudsters send texts and emails and make calls pretending to be legitimate companies in order to gain access to personal details – like your bank account.

Criminals often target older people as they can be more vulnerable to scams, especially if they live alone.

Here's some information on how to protect yourself and your family, and stay safe online.

If you have a smartphone which uses 4G or WiFi, you can make free voice and video calls if the person you’re contacting also has a smartphone which can access the internet. You can talk to your family and friends using just audio, like you would for a normal phone call, or even see them face-to-face using video. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are two of the best-known apps for making free video calls.

If you have an Android phone (for example, Samsung, Sony, Google, or Huawei) you can download these apps using Google Play. If you’re using an iPhone, you can use the App Store

It’s worth bearing in mind that these calls will be free if you’re using WiFi, but they will use up your data if you’re using 4G, which could affect the cost of your bill. 

Your phone or tablet can be a great help in checking and maintaining your health. Even the simplest phones have reminders, so you can set up prompts to take medication or get out in the fresh air.

Smartphone and tablet apps can record and analyse your vital statistics such as blood pressure. There are also apps that help you make the most of fitness wristbands, smartwatches and other 'wearable' devices.

We truly believe that we offer products and services are for everyone. We're here to help you get the most out of your devices so if you have restricted vision, difficulty hearing or speaking, or have limited dexterity or mobility, we're here to help. We offer SignVideo interpreting and text-to-voice/voice-to-text, and Braille bills. To find out more see our accessibility services

The main hearing and vision charities, and manufacturers like Samsung and Apple, have lots of advice on their websites. There's also advice on the web about the best apps for elderly people, and people with a visual or hearing impairment, or mobility issues.

With our Protected Service scheme you can choose a trusted friend or family member to manage your account on your behalf.