Save up to 25%

With the Vodafone Advantage scheme

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Vodafone Advantage scheme - Employee discounts

If your employer is part of our Vodafone Advantage scheme, you might be eligible for a great monthly discount, and even money off for a family member or friend. Simply apply for your discount here then use it online and get great savings on Pay monthly. Once we’ve applied your discount a £10 membership fee will be added to your first bill.

Unsure if your employer is a member of the Vodafone Advantage scheme? Contact your HR department to find out if you’re eligible.

Claim your discount:
Simply follow the relevant link below. All you'll need is a valid work email address to apply.

The discount will remain in place until one of these things happens:

  • The account is upgraded
  • Your minimum term expires
  • The agreement changes
  • The number changes

At this point, you’ll need to re-apply for the discount.

Apply a discount to your current plan, or sign up for a plan and add your discount at checkout.

I have a plan
I don’t have a plan

What discount can I get with Vodafone Advantage?

15% off Pay monthly plans with a device

25% of selected Xtra plans with a phone

That includes Pay monthly phone plans not already promoted or discounted. Clearance and Nearly new offers are also eligible.

15% off any Pay monthly SIM only plan

15% off Pay monthly SIM only plans

Enjoy your discount on selected SIM only plans. Your chosen plan must not already be discounted.

Discount for one friend or family member

Discount for one friend or family member

When you join a friend or family member of your choice can sign up for money off too – it’s good to share the love.

NHS, Military, and Ministry of Defence employees

Find instructions on activating your discount below.

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