3 months of online safety, free for every Vodafone customer

Vodafone Secure Net

Internet security software keeping you and your family safe online

Vodafone Secure Net is a simple product designed to help you and your children to stay safer online while connected to our mobile network, whether you’re using a phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

In just a couple of clicks you can stop worrying about dangerous files, viruses or harmful websites. You can even use this software to keep an eye on your kid’s internet browsing – making sure they’re safe and even restricting access when they should be asleep or doing homework.

How it works

Sign up for 3 months free

All customers get a free 3-month trial, then it’s just £1 a month

Download the app

Use the app to control your settings and monitor all your devices.

Review your account

The in-app information shows you all the threats Secure Net has prevented.

How Vodafone Secure Net can help you

Security measures for your phone, peace of mind for you.

Blocks unsafe websites

With extra anti-virus protection against malware, Secure Net prevents files from infecting your data, or charging you for premium rate text messages. 

Blocks unsafe files

Anti-phishing technology prevents your devices from downloading harmful files, or falling foul of threats to your personal information, your photos or your bank and credit card details.

Notifications let you know it’s working

You’ll get a text to let you know when a threat is detected and blocked. And the icon at the top right of your browser lets you know you’re protected. 

Finds and rings your device remotely

Using the app you can locate lost or stolen devices on a map. Or ring them at maximum volume - even when your device is on silent. Keeping your devices guarded on the go. 

Our best online protection for keeping your loved ones safe online.

Keep the kids safe on the internet

Add and manage all your family’s devices in one place, blocking all inappropriate online content. Each device can be personalised to limit or give access to only the most suitable sites and content. 

Manage digital downtime

Decide when your family can use the internet, set restricted hours, and remotely control your children’s devices. Secure Net makes digital parenting easier and worry-free. 

Check your reports

See graphs of your personal and family activity, check the number of threats that have been prevented, and control your settings across all your devices with ease.

  • The Vodafone Secure Net service uses some of your data allowance to operate
  • Devices must be switched on and connected to the Vodafone mobile network
  • Browsing is only protected if the Secure Net icon appears on your browser
  • Secure Net doesn’t protect you from viruses and malware on all connections (such as encrypted HTTPS)
  • For a full list of examples where you’re not protected by Secure Net, see our terms
  • For more information on the service see our FAQs
  • If you’re using Vodafone Secure Net, you can control access to age-restricted websites through the Secure Net app (for iOS or Android), or our online portal