More roaming destinations than any other UK network

Roam at no extra cost in 81 destinations worldwide on Unlimited Max

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Discover Vodafone Global Roaming

First for 5G Roaming

We’re the first UK mobile network to offer 5G roaming in Spain, Germany and Italy – reaching 47 European towns and cities in total, including Milan, Rome, Naples, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Hamburg.

Want to know more about 5G? Visit our 5G hub.

*iPhone 12 doesn’t currently support 5G roaming. We expect 5G roaming to come to iPhone 12 in 2021.


global roaming

Take your plan to more destinations on Vodafone Global Roaming

Use your data, minutes and texts in 51 European destinations, add an extra 104 destinations at £6 a day with our Roam Further plan, or get our best coverage with Global Roaming Plus – 81 destinations included.

global roaming

Share when you’re there

Use your Unlimited Max plan to roam at no extra cost in 81 destinations worldwide - more than any other network. You can still use your data allowance whilst roaming, just to note there’s a 25GB roaming fair use policy Find out more about terms, destinations and verification.

global roaming

Feel totally free with Global Roaming Plus

Choose a plan with Global Roaming Plus to roam at no extra cost in 81 destinations – more than the O2 Travel Inclusive Bolt On (75), Three Go Roam (71) and EE Max Plan (53). Call locally or back home, and browse to your heart’s content in locations as far as USA, Australia and Canada.

Global roaming

Stress-free roaming on Pay as you go

On our network, you don’t have to worry about running out of data, minutes or texts – we let you use your home plan in 51 European destinations at no extra cost.

So, whether you have a Pay as you go Bundle, Extras, Freebies or just Pay as you go 1, you can stay in touch while you’re away using your inclusive data, minutes and texts.

Global roaming pay as you go

How do I get Vodafone Global Roaming?

If you bought a Red Entertainment plan between 4 September 2018 and 9 July 2019, or an Unlimited Max plan from 10 July 2019, you’ll benefit from Global Roaming Plus.


What is Vodafone Global Roaming?

Vodafone Global Roaming gives you the freedom to take your home plan of data, minutes and texts with you across 152 destinations around the world:

  • Use your data, minutes and texts at no extra cost in our 51 European ‘Roam Free’ destinations
  • Use your home plan in a further 105 destinations for just £6 per day with ‘Roam Further’
  • Use your home plan in 81 destinations around the world with Global Roaming Plus, included with our Unlimited Max and eligible Red Entertainment plans (bought between 4 September 2018 and 9 July 2019)

Vodafone Global Roaming can be used in 152 destinations around the world.

There are Roam-free destinations [PDF: 668KB] where you can use your UK plan at no extra cost, and 105 Roam-further destinations [PDF: 810KB] where you’ll pay just £6 a day, and only on the days you use your phone (receiving a call or a text will not trigger the daily charge). 

If your intended destination isn’t listed or you require further details, please see our Travelling Abroad page.

With Global Roaming Plus – included with Red Entertainment plans (bought between 4 September 2018 and 9 July 2019) or with an Unlimited Max plan (bought from 10 July 2019), there are 81 destinations where you won’t pay Roaming charges. There are our 51 Roam-free destinations, plus 29 of our Roam-further destinations.

We have no current plans to re-introduce roaming charges in EU countries following the UK’s departure from the European Union.

In line with EU Roaming Regulations, customers’ use of their allowance while in our Europe Zone (excluding the UK), Roam-free or Roam-further destinations is intended for temporary, periodic travel such as holidays and short breaks.

Where a customer’s usage abroad is greater than at home over a four month period, we will message them to give them 14 days to clarify their usage, after which a regulated surcharge of 3.3p per minute for voice calls, 1p per SMS and £3.13 per GB of data will be applied to further usage. The new charges will come into effect on 18 January, 2021. Customers will be able to continue to receive calls and texts at no extra cost.

If a customer finds themselves stranded abroad due to COVID-related travel restrictions, we will be sensitive to those situations and take each case on an individual basis. Vodafone offers inclusive roaming, at no extra cost, in 51 destinations – more than any other UK network. Customers on Unlimited Max plans will benefit from an additional 30 destinations worldwide. To read more about our acceptable use policy please click here

You can use your data allowance abroad, just to note there is a 25GB roaming fair use policy per billing month.

We will notify you as you approach this threshold and again once reached. If you reach this threshold, you will then be charged £3.13 per 1GB until your monthly allowance renews.

From the 26 July 2019, if you’re on a 5G-ready plan and have a 5G device, you can also use 5G in Spain, Germany and Italy where it’s available. In addition, you can also benefit from Vodafone Unlimited on 4G in 81 destinations worldwide – the largest roaming footprint of any UK provider.

Italy (5 cities)
•    Milan
•    Rome
•    Turin
•    Naples
•    Bologna

Spain (15 cities)
•    Madrid
•    Barcelona
•    Valencia
•    Seville
•    Malaga
•    Zaragoza
•    Pamplona
•    Bilbao
•    La Coruña
•    Vigo
•    Vitoria
•    San Sebastián
•    Gijón
•    Logroño
•    Santander

Germany (27 towns & cities)
•    Aldenhoven
•    Altenberge
•    Berlin
•    Birgland
•    Bremen
•    Darmstadt
•    Dortmund
•    Dresden
•    Duisburg
•    Düsseldorf
•    Frankfurt
•    Hamburg
•    Hattstedt
•    Hesel
•    Karlsruhe
•    Köln
•    Leipzig
•    Lohmar
•    Mellenthin
•    München
•    Seehausen
•    Ratingen
•    Rielasingen-Worblingen
•    Roth
•    Wedemark
•    Westhausen
•    Würselen


iPhone 12 doesn’t currently support 5G roaming. We expect 5G roaming to come to iPhone 12 in 2021. 

iPhone 12 doesn’t currently support 5G roaming. We expect 5G roaming to come to iPhone 12 in 2021. But you will still be able to roam with us right now –just not with 5G. 
If you’ve bought an iPhone 12 from us, we’ll let you know as soon as 5G roaming becomes available.