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Our network is always improving.

We’ve been busy doing what we do best, making our network the best network for you.

Our 4G network coverage gives you a triple assurance that we will keep you connected, with crystal clear calling, enhanced personalised messaging, and strong and secure 4G data.

Just some of the reasons we do it better

4G Calling

Network Satisfaction Guarantee

Network Status Checker

Calling is better with Vodafone

Get clearer calls on our secure mobile network.

With our award-winning network and calling services, plus crisp audio and Wi-Fi calling, the calls that matter the most to you are even better quality.

Calling is better with Vodafone

Chat on Vodafone makes messaging more fun

Chat makes it possible to get creative with your messages, adding location services, voice notes and gifs.

Bring your messages alive with even more ways to send fun personalised messages to a friend or group. You can even chat with the businesses you love, making getting in touch easier.

Chat on Vodafone makes messaging more fun

Even more data, in even more places

We’re always improving our data coverage because we know that being sure your data will be there for you matters.

We aren’t just building our most reliable mobile network ever, expanding and improving our 3G and 4G coverage – we’re looking to the 5G future, too. So you can choose Vodafone knowing we’re working hard to bring you the best data services.

We're here for you

Ready to test our network?

If you like what you see and you’re ready to take our mobile network for a spin, check out our great range of phone and tablet deals.

Network issues? Let us know

If you’re an existing customer, tell us about any issues with our network, and we’ll give you a 250MB UK data bonus to use for seven days.

Go further than any other mobile network

Vodafone Global Roaming lets you use your UK plan in 152 destinations worldwide. That’s more than any other UK network.