Connecting you this summer on The Nation's Network

We're here to connect you to the people and things you love on our reliable, award-winning network.

The Nation's Network: Vodafone UK, supporting the nation since 1984. Full verification [PDF: 1.24MB]

Summer on The Nation's Network

Why we're The Nation's Network

Since 1984, we've gone from strength to strength to support the nation.

Today, we're proud to call ourselves The Nation's Network:

We're here to keep you connected

Those you trust, trust us to keep them connected. We have connectivity contracts with over 82% of the UK's emergency services and support local community police officers.

We're proud of our everyone.connected campaign, which has helped over two million people cross the digital divide - because we believe connectivity is essential.

Staying connected on The Nation's Network

We're helping you stay connected, whether you're at home or travelling.

We're the UK's largest full fibre provider

At Vodafone, we're continually expanding our full fibre network with our plans offering speeds of up to 910 Mbps**. Plus, we're now providing WiFi 6 as standard across all of our home broadband plans - supporting connection for up to 100 devices.

We've been keeping more people connected with our Essentials Broadband plan, for customers on government benefits. A great value broadband plan with no in-contract price rises or early termination fees.

Staying connected in the Underground

You'll soon be able to receive 4G and 5G signal throughout the London Underground (including tunnels, stations, and platforms). We're partnering with Transport for London and Boldyn Networks to make it happen.

Currently, you can connect to the internet on all London Underground platforms using Vodafone WiFi.

Join our growing 5G network

Vodafone 5G and 5G Ultra provide faster speeds (around 10 times faster than 4G) and a more reliable connection.

Join our network and do what you love, without the delay.

5G SIM only plans

Most of our SIM only plans come with 5G. Our 5G icon shows which plans are included.

Pay monthly SIM only plans

5G and 5G Ultra phones

Get future ready with a 5G phone. All phones marked with a 5G icon have 5G capabilities.

Pay monthly phones

5G broadband

Get online at home or on the move with mobile broadband - from data-only SIMs to 5G GigaCubes.

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