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Net Zero carbon emissions

We’re working to become a Net Zero business by 2040.

How? We’re investing millions into energy efficient equipment and moving to 100% renewable electricity by July 2021.

By 2030, we’ll have eliminated all direct and electricity-related emissions (scope 1&2) and reduced our scope 3 emissions by 50%.

We aim to reduce C02 and electronic waste across our business and products

Network waste
Network waste

We reuse, resell or recycle 100% of our network waste. We also launched a B2B asset marketplace that lets us resell decommissioned network items such as masts and antennae within Vodafone, and reduce carbon emissions and costs

Just like new - reuse phones

Our range of refurbished phones mean you can breathe new life into ‘as new’ phones that get returned to us. Not only are they cheaper, but they help save energy, conserve natural resources and reduce electronic waste.

Fairphone 3
Smart AND sustainable

Responsibly sourced, with conflict-free tungsten, recycled copper and plastic, the Fairphone 3 represents a new sustainable era for smart devices. Fairphone also works closely with suppliers to establish better working conditions and representation for those employed in the manufacturing industry.

Helping businesses cut emissions with our IoT

Internet of things (IoT) technology can play a big role in reducing carbon emissions by helping businesses with their efficiency.

Our IoT – such as smart energy meters, lighting and logistics – helped avoid 6.9 million tonnes of CO2e globally in 2019. That’s four times more than we emitted.

What’s more, by 2030 we’ve committed to reduce our business customers’ carbon emissions by 350 million tonnes.

Helping businesses cut emissions with our IoT

Tech solutions safeguard forests and water

Protect UK forests and tackle climate change
Protect UK forests and tackle climate change

Defra and Forest Research better understand the role of trees in tackling climate change.

Video Case Study
We use IoT to save three billion litres of water a day

Around 23% of water that passes through underground pipes is lost to leakage. We work with SES water to pinpoint exactly where these links happen and fix them – fast!


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