5G Ultra

5G Ultra explained

5G Ultra is our next level 5G experience. Enjoy greater coverage and improved phone battery life, as well as amazingly fast 5G speeds on our upgraded 5G network.

5G Ultra is currently available on the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, Samsung Galaxy S22 series, Samsung Galaxy S23 series, Samsung Galaxy S24 series and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and Fold5, with more coming soon.

The benefits of 5G Ultra

Greater coverage

Over 1 million more customers in the UK can connect to our 5G network.

Up to 25% improved battery life

Help prevent the challenge of running out of battery, with up to 3 hours of improved battery performance.

Fast 5G speeds

Experience amazingly fast 5G speeds - around 10 times faster than 4G.

Connect in busy places

Make a call or use your data even when it’s busy – on station platforms, in stadiums, and at festivals.

Where is 5G Ultra available?

We’re rolling out 5G Ultra to a growing number of locations across the UK, including but not limited to London, Manchester, Glasgow, and Cardiff. Remember, you’ll need a 5G Ultra-enabled phone to benefit from our 5G Ultra network.

How fast is 5G?

5G and 5G Ultra have average speeds of 150 – 200 Mbps and can reach up to 1 Gbps – this is approximately 10 times faster than 4G.

This means you can download a full HD film in approximately 3 minutes on 5G or 5G Ultra.

Why choose Vodafone 5G?

The Nation’s Network

We’re here to connect you to the people and things you love on our reliable, award winning network.

5G in more places across Europe

As well as giving you 5G at home, we’re the first and only network to bring you 5G abroad.

Unlimited Max data plans

Our Unlimited Max data plans don’t have a speed cap, so your phone can work as fast as it’s meant to on 5G.

No extra cost

5G Ultra costs no more than 4G. We don’t believe you should pay extra for faster speeds, greater coverage, and improved battery life.

How can I get 5G Ultra?

To get 5G Ultra, you'll need a 5G Ultra-enabled device, any Pay monthly plan bought from 24 February 2023 onwards, and to be in an area covered by our 5G Ultra network. Any model from the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy S23 and S24 series, as well as the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Fold5, are 5G Ultra ready. 5G Ultra is available at no extra cost to all new and upgrading customers and we’ll let you know when you can connect - there’s nothing you need to do.

In areas without 5G Ultra, you can use our 5G or 4G network. Your 5G Ultra device will then automatically reconnect to the 5G Ultra network once you're back in a 5G Ultra area.

Compare 5G Ultra with 5G and 4G

5G Ultra



5G Ultra comes with all the benefits of 5G, plus:

  • Enhanced coverage - over 1 million more customers in the UK can connect to our 5G network

  • Up to 25% improved phone battery life

  • Experience amazingly fast 5G speeds - around 10 times faster than 4G

5G is more responsive than 4G, so streaming is quicker and easier, even in crowded places. With 5G you also benefit from:

  • Average speeds: 150 - 200 Mbps

  • Maximum speed: 1 Gbps

  • Stream 4K videos with very little buffering and make smooth HD video calls

With 4G connectivity, you can expect:

  • Average speeds of 23 - 35 Mbps

  • Basic 4G maximum speed: 150 Mbps

  • Crystal-clear sound and video quality

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