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The best of the best - find the right phone, tablet or accessory for you

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out which device is best for the things you love. That's why we've gathered all our guides to the best touchscreen phones, virtual reality phones and more in one place. So let us cut through the noise and help you find your perfect phone, tablet or accessory.

See best phones of 2018

Best phones of 2018

From Huawei's spectacular camera phones to the technology advances announced in Apple's latest iPhone releases, we've rounded up 2018's movers and shakers.

See best phones for students

Best phones for students

Study on the go, email lecturers or stay in touch with friends and family. These affordable smartphones get straight A's from us.

See best large-screen phones

Best large-screen phones

Combine the portable convenience of a smartphone with the big-screen capabilities of a tablet with these fab phablets.

See best phones for festivals

Best for festivals

Check out the best festival phones for main stage selfies, campsites and finding your mates in a field of thousands.

See best tablets for kids

Best for tablets for kids

Find the right tablet for your child with our guide to what's best for education, entertainment and different age groups.

See best phones for fitness

Best for fitness

Whether you're an ultra-runner or just want to find out how many steps it is to the fridge, we've got the phone for you.

See best small phones

Best small phones

Good things come in small packages. We've listed our favourite small phones - from simple button phones to sophisticated smartphones.

See best budget phones

Best budget phones

How much should you spend to get the right phone? Let our review of the most popular phones at different price points help you choose.

See best business phones

Best business phones

Interested in the best phone for business? We looked at some of our most popular models for battery life, speed, multi-tasking and more.