AI phones: present, future, and best models

AI is a hot topic everywhere right now, and the mobile phone market is no exception.

AI and generative AI are transforming advancements in phone technology, and they'll continue to revolutionise the capabilities of phones for the foreseeable future.

How do mobile phones use AI now?

Although AI feels like a new phenomenon, it has been used in phones for more than a decade.

Many everyday phone functionalities we rely on are powered by AI. For instance, Siri, Apple's voice assistant for iPhone, has been around since the launch of the iPhone 4S in 2011.

Here are some examples of AI phone technology you'll already be familiar with:

Predictive text and auto correct

Voice dictation and speech recognition

Language translation

Security, like facial recognition and fingerprint scanning

AI assistants, like Siri and Google Assistant

Photo tools, like night mode and portrait mode

Music identification apps, like Shazam

Identify usage patterns to prolong battery life

How are mobile phones starting to use generative AI?

AI and generative AI differ in that AI uses a discrete set of rules to solve specific problems, whereas generative AI is concerned with building new content.

We can only guess what the future of AI will be, but it seems likely that generative AI will play a large part.

Here are a few examples of how cutting-edge generative AI is used in recent phones:

Improved current features

AI camera

Improved AI processors for gaming

AI-powered replies

Expect better battery management and more sophisticated biometric authentication. Learn more about the phones with the best battery life

Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro include tools to choose the best facial expressions from people in your group shot and swap them between images. Read more about phones with the best camera

Personalised gaming experiences will be generated, including adaptive difficulty levels and dynamic storytelling. More information on the best gaming phones

Generated responses in different tones depending on the context.

AI voice

Virtual assistants

Improved search

Ultra customisation

An AI-powered answering assistant will be able to reply to calls in your voice.

Have your calls summarised with the main points extracted and receive recommendations.

Circle anything in an image and get instant search results.

Your phone will be more personal than ever before. Think dynamic wall papers, menus, and designs.

Best AI phones

Samsung Galaxy S24 series

The Samsung Galaxy phones that include Galaxy AI and camera AI are:

Samsung Galaxy S24

Samsung Galaxy S24+

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Galaxy AI

How does Galaxy AI make your life easier?

  • Live TRANSLATE¹ makes booking things abroad easy with two-way, real-time translation

  • Circle to search with Google² gives you information about anything. Simply draw a circle around an object on your screen and get instant search results

  • Transcript Assist writes up meeting minutes (including who said what), and Live Transcript gives you summaries

  • Chat Assist gives you tone of voice suggestions based on the context in which you're writing

  • Note Assist allows you to structure and re-format your notes nicely and provides summaries of written content

Camera AI

How does Camera AI improve your photos?

  • Space Zoom (an advanced, AI-powered zoom) processes the relevant information to capture clearer, brighter pictures and videos from greater distances than ever before - enjoy 100x Space Zoom on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra or 30x Space Zoom on the Samsung Galaxy S24+ and S24

  • Photo Assist provides recommendations and automatic edits, such as erasing objects and removing reflections from your images, so you can create the picture-perfect scene

Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro

The Google Pixel phones that include Google AI are:

Google Pixel 8

Google Pixel 8 Pro

Google AI

How does Google AI assist you?

  • Live Translate helps you translate messages, signs, and face-to-face interactions on the spot in 49 languages¹

  • Improves app experiences by writing messages in half the time² and managing tasks for you, allowing you to spend more of your time doing what's important

  • Improved camera thanks to Google AI - record silky smooth video footage and get up close and personal with the Super Res Zoom without an additional telephoto lens³

  • Take better photos by improving the lighting, background, or move or erase a subject. Plus, it doesn't matter if someone's eyes are closed - Best Take uses data from other pictures to create one perfect image

  • A faster and more efficient phone to help you throughout the day⁴

AI phones: feature comparison

Camera AI

Photo AI editing

Best Take

AI-generated summaries

Chat AI assistance

Call AI transcripts

Live call translation

Circle to search with Google

Frequently asked questions

AI stands for artificial intelligence.

An AI phone is any phone that uses artificial intelligence.

Most modern smartphones will use basic AI functionalities.

For example, if your phone uses auto correct or you have biometric authentication - such as face or fingerprint ID - then your phone uses AI.

We use AI features in smartphones without even realising.

For example, if you've benefitted from auto correct when writing a text or email, AI has impacted how you use your phone.

What's more, it's commonplace to use voice assistants, like Siri, when using a smartphone.

Terms and conditions

¹Available in 15 languages from launch.

²Accessible on any app that doesn't block screenshots.

¹Based on tap and voice typing in English. Voice typing is not available in all languages or countries.

²Not available in all languages or countries. Not available on all media or apps. Translation may not be instantaneous. More information on Live Translate

³Not available for all camera apps or modes.

⁴Compared to earlier Pixel phones.