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Choose the best camera phone with Vodafone

Compare the best smartphone cameras and get snap-happy

Whether you’re a serious photography enthusiast or you just love to share pictures and videos on social media, one thing’s for sure – you’ll want the best quality images you can get.

So which smartphone has the best camera?

Well that depends on what you want from your lens. But whatever your passion – from taking selfies to shooting your own videos – we’ve a great selection of the world’s best camera phones for you to choose from.

Hints and tips to help you choose

Whether you’re new to camera phones and digital photography, just getting to know the basics or already an expert – there are plenty of hints and tips here to help. 

While mobile phone cameras are continually making amazing technical breakthroughs to create even better photos and videos, the photographic basics remain largely unchanged. Getting into phone photography doesn’t need to be complex – let us share some vital information.

All cameras have a lens to let in light. A sensor inside will convert that light into digital data, and the phone’s software turns that into an image file. Other factors to consider are aperture, ISO and shutter speed.

It’s not as simple as ‘more megapixels = better quality photos’. A lot of it depends on the size of your mobile phone camera’s sensor and having the right amount of pixels squeezed into it. The images you take with a 12-megapixel smartphone camera could be just as good as 42-megapixel photos. However, more megapixels can help with zoom viewing.

Ultimately, we recommend you try before you buy at your nearest Vodafone store, and also read the user reviews. That will give you a sense of the overall photo quality that the technical stats can’t.

There's real variety on offer when choosing the best mobile phone camera for you. Think carefully about why you want a good phone camera.  Are you looking for a good all-rounder that can capture life’s fun moments? Or something more specific, like a rugged phone you can take on travels and adventures, a big-buttoned mobile phone with a camera, or an easy-to-use mobile phone? Or just a stylish model that looks great in the hand and makes you and your mates look even better in selfies?

Ultimately, you want better photos and videos – but unfortunately, a phone with the best-quality megapixel camera won’t automatically make you a better photographer. However, you can develop your skills by starting with a smartphone with a good camera that suits your budget, reading articles, watching a few videos and practising.  For visual designer Hugo Miguel Sousa, the secret to great digital photography is composition. Read his tips for top urban photography on our official Vodafone blog.

Or maybe you want to get great pics of the night sky? Don’t have a DSLR to hand? You can still get great pictures of the stars and planets with our guide to taking stellar shots from astrophotographer Tim Burgess.

Listen, learn, do – and watch your photos rocket in quality.

There’s an amazing spectrum of digital filters, effects and shooting modes available with today’s camera phone.  But to get the best images from your camera phones, it’s always better to apply filters after you’ve taken an image, not before. You can make a colour image black and white, but not the other way around.  Travel blogger and professional photographer Laurence Noah gives some great advice on how to edit your photos, and what tools to use, on our official Vodafone blog.  And don’t forget to try out brilliant accessories such as the Sony ZX310AP Headphones or Samsung Gear VR headset to take your photos and videos to a whole new level.