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Why the Samsung Galaxy Z Series?

Fold, flip and flex with Samsung’s innovative range of folding smartphones, which mimic the angles of the letter ‘Z’. Discover something different with the Z Series’ range of dynamic flexible screens, impressive cameras and high-definition double displays.

Flexible dual displays

Whether you flip or fold, Flex mode’s free-stop hinge gives you a new hands-free perspective

Multitask on Multi window

Scan your social accounts or make a video on one display, work on the other

5G speed

Use our 5G network◊ to experience console-quality gaming, streaming and browsing

Impressive durability

The Z Series come with IPX8 water resistance2, and they’re crafted with scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass Victus

Choose your Galaxy Z Series phone

The smartphone revolution has begun. Unleash your potential with the combination of folding glass and a free-stop hinge, and redefine your productivity by opening multiple apps on the same screen. You can even take your photography to the next dimension, with two screens for unrivalled control.

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Galaxy Z Fold3

Unfold an immersive 7.6" display, featuring an under-display camera and Dolby Atmos sound so that you can truly lose yourself in your world. With 5G-readiness1 and a refresh rate that accelerates to 120Hz when you need it most, you can leave low-res, stuttering gameplay in the dust.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3
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Galaxy Z Flip3

Say hello to the modern revival of the iconic flip-phone. Crafted with a physics-defying folding glass display that folds neatly to fit into your back pocket, Galaxy Z Flip3 now comes with an upgraded Cover Display customisable to suit your vibe.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

Compare Samsung Galaxy Z Series phones

Galaxy Z Fold3

Galaxy Z Flip3

Open display7.6-inch AMOLED 2X Infinity Flex6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X FHD+ Infinity-O
Folded display6.2-inch AMOLED Infinity-O Display 2x1.9-inch Super AMOLED
Rear camera12MP + 12MP + 12MP12MP + 12MP
Front camera12MP Selfie camera + 4MP Under Display camera10MP
StorageUp to 256GBUp to 256GB
Processor Snapdragon 888Snapdragon 888

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

Meet the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G. The first water-resistant foldable phone with S Pen stylus support. Lighter and more durable than before.

What is the Samsung Galaxy Z Series?

The Galaxy Z Series is a range of phones from Samsung, made up of the Galaxy Z Fold3 and the Galaxy Z Flip3. They’re designed for people who want a little extra from their smartphone, and who aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.

The range includes two different types of foldable screen - the Samsung Flip phone folds vertically, and the Samsung Fold folds horizontally. Both phones offer larger phone screen experience whilst still being compact enough to slip into a packet or bag, and they’re designed to be thinner and lighter than previous models with added water resistance2 and S Pen compatibility3.

Samsung Galaxy Z Series

The best Z Series phone: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

Thin, light and with a super-sharp Dynamic AMOLED 2x display, the Galaxy Z Fold3 is a mobile powerhouse to redesign work and play, paired with the power of 5G speeds◊. Use the 6.2-inch edge-to-edge Cover Display like a regular smartphone when it’s folded, or open it up to experience cinematic viewing on the 7.6-inch Infinity Flex Display. Use three apps at once with Multi Window, and use Flex Mode to split your screen - take a video call on the top half, and jot down notes with the S Pen on the bottom half1. You can also use Flex Mode to capture hands-free photos - just prop Galaxy Z Fold3 on a flat surface and flex into your optimum position. The 12-megapixel triple rear camera with Ultra Wide, Wide-angle and Telephoto cameras allows you to showcase your photography like never before - use Dual Preview on both screens to show your subject your shot.

1S Pen Fold Edition and S Pen Pro each sold separately

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

What's the latest Galaxy Z Series phone?

Both the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3 are the newest Z Series devices - they were both released at the same time in August 2021. The original Galaxy Fold was released at the end of 2019, and the original Galaxy Flip was released in early 2020.

What is the Cover Display?

The Cover Display is the display which shows when your phone is fully folded or flipped closed. You can set up your Z Series phone to receive customised notifications, or you can swipe left to bring up the music controls to play, pause, or switch songs.

When you get a notification, you can address it in multiple ways. For example, if you want to answer a text, tap the notification on the Cover screen and then tap again to go directly to the Messages app. You can also swipe left or right to reject or receive calls.

You can even take selfies with the cover display as a mini preview window. Double press the side key to bring up the Camera app, and then press the volume key to take the shot.

Samsung Galaxy Z Series Cover Display

What is Flex Mode?

Flex Mode allows you to bend and balance your phone, thanks to its folding or flipping properties. You can use your phone hands-free by standing it up on a surface to take selfies at whole new angles, make video calls, or capture long-exposure images without the use of a tripod.

The screen cuts the interface of various apps in half, putting the view on top and the controls on the bottom, making it easy to use your phone to do something like capture a selfie or take a video call on the top half and makes notes on the bottom half of your phone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Series Cover Display

Does the Z Series use folding glass?

The Galaxy Z Series use Samsung Ultra Thin Glass - it's a sheet of folding glass that’s thin and flexible, and stands up to the folds and unfolds of daily life. The science behind it explains how folding glass is possible - even solid materials can bend and flex if they’re thin enough. Samsung have used this knowledge and produced glass that's thinner than a single human hair, making it flexible. This folding glass isn't just flexible - it's also incredibly tough, keeping your smartphone safe when the display's open.

Samsung Galaxy Z Series Cover Display

What is the S Pen?

The S Pen is a special stylus in which works with the Galaxy Note series, as well as several other Galaxy devices - like the Galaxy Z Series and the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G.

The S Pen Fold Edition only works with the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, whereas the S Pen Pro works with any other S Pen-compatible device. You can also buy S Pens for designated devices, such as the Galaxy S22 Ultra S Pen or Note 20 Ultra S Pen. The Galaxy Z Flip3 is not compatible with any S Pens.

The S Pen allows you to 'write' on the screen and take notes on your device, like you would do normally with a pen and paper - however, you can do much more than annotate. Use Air Command gestures to swipe and scroll, and you can even use it as a remote control to take photos from a distance, control PowerPoint presentations, and browse your gallery. 

The S Pen Pro comes with Easy device switching and Easy Finding, so you can easily switch between compatible devices that use S Pens.

Samsung Galaxy S Pen

Discover even more Samsung phones

The Samsung Galaxy Z Series are fun, full-screened 5G smartphones that flex to your favourite angles - but check out Samsung's other ranges if you're still after your perfect device. The S Series is packed with the latest technology including pro-grade cameras and cutting-edge processors, and the A Series pairs affordability with next-generation speed, power and performance.

Samsung Z Series Terms & Conditions

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  2. Device Care: for the duration of the plan only. Applicable for IOS and Android phone devices. Includes a health check giving you an indicator of the battery health and a valuation service giving you an estimated resell value of the phone.
  3. 50% off Smartwatch Connectivity : for compatible cellular (not WiFi only) smartwatches. Smartwatch Connectivity Plan (via Vodafone OneNumber) lasts for 30 days and will automatically renew every 30 days unless cancelled. The plan is £7 a month reduced to £3.50 a month. Discount not applicable to customers on a £5 OneNumber Connectivity or to customers on an existing 24 month watch plan.
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Smartwatch / Watch Plans

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Home Broadband

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910Mbps average download speed via a wired connection.

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15G network connection required.

2Submersion in up to 1.5m of freshwater for up to 30 min (not advised for beach or pool use).

3Galaxy Z Fold3 is the only Z Series phone with S Pen compatibility, and can only be used with the S Pen Fold Edition (sold separately).