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Introducing our best ever hub and our new award-winning app

Enjoy our best home broadband experience yet with our most powerful Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub and the new
Vodafone Broadband app. 

The new hub is twice as fast as previous versions, and pairs seamlessly with the app to let you take control of your broadband. Boost Wi-Fi signal to chosen devices, easily share your network details with a QR code and create custom Wi-Fi schedules. 

Boost your device speeds

Device Boost lets you prioritise a device’s Wi-Fi signal for an even faster connection. Perfect for downloading the latest game in a hurry. 

Set uninterrupted family time

Wi-Fi Scheduler lets you set custom online and offline Wi-Fi times that work around you. Enjoy dinner without distractions, and let the kids know when it’s time for bed. 

Connect in a flash

Give friends and family speedy access to your Wi-Fi by sharing a QR code directly from the app.

Your network at-a-glance

Get a view of everything happening on your network, including all of the devices currently connected.

Create a private guest network

Got guests staying over for the week? Guest Wi-Fi makes it easy for them to get connected quickly by creating a second Wi-Fi network that’s separate from your main network - that means your data is safe. And once everyone’s gone? Just switch it off.

Block any unwanted devices

Make sure no one is on your Wi-Fi network that shouldn’t be – block any suspicious devices with the touch of a button and enjoy peace of mind. 

Award-winning design

We’ve won a Red Dot Award for our app – an internationally-recognised seal of approval for great design. 

Twice as fast as our previous hub

Twice as fast as our previous hub, the new Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub is designed to deliver reliable Wi-Fi coverage - and it’s free for all new Vodafone Broadband customers.