Annual Price Adjustment

Each year we make adjustments to the amount customers pay each month for their plans so we can continue to invest in our networks, products and services.

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April 2022 price rise – what it means for you

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Further information

The Consumer Price Index (or CPI) is the government’s measure for whether the cost of goods and services is going up or down. It’s based on price changes over the year across several industries. To find out more, search for “What is CPI ONS”.

The Retail Price Index (RPI) is another measurement of inflation that’s published and used to calculate the cost of living and wage escalation. To find out more, search for “What is RPI ONS”.

You can check your bills via your online Vodafone account or the My Vodafone app. Full instructions can be found here

You’ll be affected if you’re on a Pay monthly contract, you’re a business customer, or you get your home or business broadband from us. If your plan started from 9 December 2020, the following services are subject to the Consumer Price Index (CPI):

  • Pay monthly plans

  • SIM only plans

  • Tablet/Device plans

  • Watch (E.g. Samsung and Apple smartwatch)

  • OneNumber (for smartwatch)

  • Gigacube

  • Data Dongle

  • Mobile WiFi

  • Data only SIMs

  • Home broadband (excluding Extra plans still in contract) – for plans starting from 2 February 2021

The following services won’t be affected by this change. If you don’t see your service on either of these lists, you can get in touch, or call us on 191 (free from Vodafone devices) or 03333 040 191 from any other UK landline or mobile:

  • Insurance

  • Mobile Add-ons (previously called Extras / Xtras)

  • Home Broadband Extra / Xtra plans, as long as you’re still in contract

  • Home phone calling packages

  • Out of plan charges

  • V by Vodafone & Smart tech products

If you have Vodafone EVO your total monthly payment is split into 2 parts – one payment for your device and one for your Airtime. For Vodafone EVO plans this increase will only be applied to your Airtime Plan. Your Phone or Watch Plan monthly payment are unaffected.

Public sector plans also won’t be affected by the price rise.

Your bill will be affected from April each year.

We understand how important communication is to everyday life, now more than ever, and our key priority is to keep you and all of our customers connected. Annual price rises reflect our investment in upgrading our network and services to support growing demand, ensuring you have the best connection, wherever you are. From bringing you wider and more reliable 4G coverage, to rolling out faster 5G across the UK, we’re investing over £1 billion a year in our network.

The RPI (Retail Price Index) has been the measure traditionally used by government and companies to calculate things such as interest rates and price increases. However, the CPI (consumer price index) is becoming the more popular benchmark, so we migrated to this measure from 9 December 2020 to simplify things for our Mobile customers and from 2 February 2021 for our Home Broadband customers.

For information on annual price adjustments for business customers, please visit our price changes page

Your monthly price will increase after 24 months, when your in-contract discount expires. For further information see our charges guide

The RPI or CPI+3.9% rates are applied to your monthly fee, before the discount is applied.