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Live life unlimited with smart watches, fitness trackers and the latest wearable tech. Get discreet notifications, track your fitness and health, pay with contactless, send and receive messages and alerts when you need and more.

And with cellular connectivity, you can do all this even without having your phone to hand. These smartwatches are either compatible with your Android phone, iPhone or both.

Choose from Apple Watch, the Samsung watch and our Vodafone smartwatch and wearable ranges to find the best smartwatch for you.

Apple Watch

Stay active, healthy and connected with Apple Watch. Apple Watch Series 5 features an Always-On Retina display, a built-in compass and international emergency calling*, an ECG app that checks your heart** and more. Apple Watch Series 3 features an optical heart sensor that measures your heart rate and an activity dashboard, so you can see how much you’ve moved, how many calories you’ve burned, pace your runs and more.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch

Be free with the Galaxy Watch from Samsung. An IP68 waterproof rating* and a tough Gorilla Glass face make this smartwatch sturdy. The battery will last up to a week on one charge, giving you the freedom to make calls, track your runs, order an Uber**, listen to Spotify on the go, and pay for transactions with a tap of your wrist - all without the need for a phone. Choose the colour and watch face that suits your style.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Vodafone smartwatches and wearables

V-Kids Watch

Get peace of mind that your kids are safe with the V-Kids Watch by Vodafone. Receive notifications if your child needs you (or they’ve wandered out of the Safe Zone you’ve set up), send voice messages to each other and more with this smartwatch for kids.

V-SOS Band

The V-SOS Band is a type of smartwatch for the elderly and vulnerable. Set up alerts so you can be notified if your loved one has had a fall, if they’ve sent an SOS message, and where they are right now so you can get to them. You can add up to five account holders so you’ll all receive a notification if anything happens.

More information on smartwatches

Smartwatches are designed to be water resistant – not waterproof. You may be OK taking your smartwatch in the shower and wearing it during shallow water swimming, but it’s always best to check the IP water resistance rating of your particular smartwatch before you get it wet.

The biggest difference between Apple and Samsung smartwatches is that Apple Watch is designed to work with iPhone, whereas the Samsung Galaxy Watch is compatible with iPhone and Android phones.

*Galaxy Watch has ISO 22810:2010 certification for 5ATM rating of 50 metres (165 feet) under specific conditions. This means that both devices are safe to wear while walking in the rain or showering, and may be used for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean. However, the Galaxy Watch should not be used for scuba diving, water-skiing, or other activities involving high-velocity water or submersion below shallow depth.

**Pre-installation of Uber app required.