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Smartwatches on Vodafone EVO

Vodafone EVO gives you ultimate flexibility to get the latest smartwatch at the price you choose.

Simply choose a smartwatch, customise your Watch Plan with an upfront cost and contract length to suit you, and then add a Connectivity Plan - this will enable you to share data, minutes and texts from your existing Vodafone Airtime Plan* (you might know this as a Data Plan or SIM Plan) with your smartwatch.

*Connectivity Plans require an existing Vodafone Airtime Plan. Any customers without an existing Airtime Plan will need to purchase one before they can use a smartwatch.

Why buy a smartwatch with Vodafone EVO?

Flexible contract lengths

Spread the cost of your phone interest-free across 3-36 months, so you can choose your monthly price.

Flexible upgrades

Upgrade as soon as 3 months into your plan and choose to trade in to help pay for your current phone faster.

Two-Year Warranty

Get fantastic care for your new device with cover against any manufacturer faults and repairs for two years.

How Vodafone EVO works

Your total monthly cost is split into two Direct Debits. Your Watch Plan covers the cost of the smartwatch itself, and your Connectivity Plan covers the cost of connecting your smartwatch to your existing Vodafone Airtime Plan.

While our Watch Plans last between 3 and 36 months, our Connectivity Plans last either 12 or 24 months.

Latest smartwatches

Choosing the best smartwatch for you

Whether you're looking to track your fitness levels or stay connected on the move, there’s a smartwatch for everyone. Just make sure you check for phone compatibility.

Why choose Vodafone?

Ultimate flexibility

Flexible smartwatch contracts, upfront costs and upgrades on Vodafone EVO

OneNumber Connectivity Plan

Share your data, minutes and texts with your smartwatch to stay connected without your phone or WiFi

Reliable, award-winning network

You can rely on our award-winning network to keep you connected to the things and people that matter

VeryMe Rewards

Enjoy weekly discounts and giveaways built around what you love

Don't have a Vodafone Airtime Plan yet?

Our Connectivity Plans require a Vodafone Airtime Plan to share data, minutes and texts. Without this, your smartwatch won’t be able to connect to our network.

To find an Airtime Plan that suits you, take a look at our Pay monthly phones or SIM only plans.

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Frequently asked questions

Thinking about getting your first smartwatch? Here’s how they work, the benefits, and anything else you might need to know before you get fully connected.

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