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Live life unlimited, embrace the IoT and stay connected with smart watches, fitness trackers and wearables.
See important notifications, track your health, pay with contactless and send and receive messages.

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Apple Watch

Track your fitness, set your health goals and stay connected to your iPhone with Apple Watch. Apple Watch Series 5 features an Always-On Retina display, a built-in compass and international emergency calling*, an ECG app that checks your heart** and more. Apple Watch Series 3 features an optical heart sensor that measures your heart rate and an activity dashboard, so you can see how much you’ve moved, how many calories you’ve burned, and pace your workouts. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Stay better connected and be hands-free with the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active2. The Galaxy Watch boasts a tough Gorilla Glass face, and the battery lasts up to a week on one charge. Make calls, track your runs, listen to Spotify on the go and pay for transactions with a tap of your wrist. Focusing on fitness? The Galaxy Watch Active2 links seamlessly with your phone to help you track your activity and stay motivated while you work towards your goals.

V by Vodafone

Stay connected to everything you love. V by Vodafone links all your smart devices to your smartphone, letting you monitor and keep watch over the people who matter to you.

V-Kids Watch

Enjoy peace of mind and the confidence that comes with knowing the little ones are safe. The V-Kids watch by Vodafone lets parents know where their children are wherever their adventures take them. See your child’s location with GPS tracking, stay connected with voice messaging, and teach your kids how to use the SOS button in case of emergencies


V-Multi Tracker

If the things you love have a habit of wandering off, you can keep tabs on them with our small, smart GPS tracker. Instantly know the location of your laptop, keys or suitcase in real time from your phone. You can even find out where your things have been, and get an alert if they’re on the move when they shouldn’t be.


*New customers must buy a Vodafone phone contract in order to purchase a smart watch.
Existing customers must log in to their account to verify they have a Vodafone account.

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Smart watches FAQs

Thinking about getting your first smart watch? Here’s how they work, the benefits, and anything else you might need to know before you get fully connected.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a widely-used term used to define connected objects that ‘talk’ to each other and share information – such as your smartphone and smart watch.

Smart watches are portable devices which link to your phone, and are worn on your wrist.  Like your smartphone, they use touchscreens, allow you to make payments and respond to alerts, and they support apps like your phone does

Some common features of smart watches include:

  • Receive notifications. Your smart watch will alert you when you receive calls, texts, app messages and emails.
  • Use voice commands to respond to messages.
  • Track your health and exercise. Many smart watches allow you to monitor your heart rate and how many steps you’ve done.
  • Manage media playback. For example, if you’re using AirPods, you can control the volume and music using your Apple Watch.
  • Track your location using GPS. Smart watches show you your location, and let you receive locations from family and friends.
  • Stay updated even when you’re out and about, without looking at your phone.
  • Easily reply to messages and calls on the go.
  • Track your fitness and your workouts, so you can work towards health goals.
  • See your social media notifications without having to open the apps on your phone.
  • See your location and send your location to others.

You should still be able to use your phone to tell the time and to track exercise, but any functionality that needs Wi-Fi or a data connection from your phone will stop tracking or providing updates. For example, you may not be able to make or receive calls, see the latest social media posts, or reply to emails.

We offer guides on how to get started for all of the smart watches on our website.

You may need to check that your phone can pair with a smart watch, and that they can be connected via Bluetooth or WiFi. You may also need to download an app for your phone that links to your smart watch.

Apple Watch guide
Samsung Galaxy guide
V-kids guide
V-Multi-Tracker guide

Smart watches are designed to be water resistant – not waterproof. You may be OK taking your smart watch in the shower and wearing it during shallow water swimming, but it’s always best to check the IP water resistance rating of your particular smart watch before you get it wet.

Apple Watch is designed to work with iPhone, whereas the Samsung Galaxy Watch is compatible with iPhone and Android phones.