Device financing definitions

What is a credit agreement?

A credit agreement is a type of loan, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, which allows you to spread the cost of a device over a certain amount of months.

The credit agreement will be between you and Vodafone, we will lend you the cost of a device, which you'll repay in monthly instalments.

The total cost of a device won't change as we offer 0% interest credit agreements, so you won't pay more for a device than if you purchased it outright from Vodafone.

Once you select the Device Plan and Airtime Plan you'd like to go for, you will be sent your credit agreement to sign along with other documentation. A credit agreement is the documentation that must be signed within 72 hours of taking out a Device Plan with Vodafone. This documentation forms an agreement between you and Vodafone for your chosen Phone Plan tenure. If you do not sign the credit agreement within 72 hours, your order will be cancelled.

What is a Device Plan?

A Device Plan covers the cost of your chosen device, you can take out a Device Plan with Vodafone for a phone or a smartwatch. Device Plans can be spread across several months, from 3 to 36 months.

What is an Airtime Plan?

An Airtime Plan covers the cost of your airtime (data, minutes and texts).

What is an Xtra Plan?

An Xtra Plan covers the cost of your chosen Airtime Plan, covering your data, minutes and texts. All Phone Plans come with an Xtra Plan. For your Xtra Plan, your Airtime Plan length will be either 12 or 24 months, dependant on the length of your Phone Plan. Phones Plans up to 12 months require either a 12 or 24 month Xtra Plan. Phone Plans over 12 months require a 24 month Xtra Plan.

Billing and payment information

The cost for your Device Plan and Xtra Plan will be separated on your bill. In most cases the Direct Debit payments for your Device Plan and Airtime Plan will come out on the same date, but you may see one of the payments coming out a few days earlier or later. Please make sure you don't cancel either of these Direct Debit payments, as we'll be unable to collect the payment for either your airtime or your device. You'll see two references on your bank statement, it will show the following:



If you want to change your Direct Debits so both payments come out on the same date, you can do so by calling 191.

You can check how much is left to pay for your Device or Xtra Plan or pay your Device Plan off early by visiting Your Account.

Please note:

  • Returns during your 14-day cooling off period can only be done with both Airtime Plan and Device Plan (credit agreement) together.
  • If your Airtime Plan and Device Plan (credit agreement) are still in commitment and you'd like to cancel, you'll be required to pay an early termination fee to cancel the Airtime Plan.
  • If you pay off your Device Plan (credit agreement) early and in full, you'll be released from your Airtime Plan commitment.

Credit checks

There are credit checks that we will run to determine your eligibility to purchase one of our credit agreements. We will always ask for your consent before doing this and will use information provided by you.

Available plans/devices

Our full range of phones and smartwatches are available on Vodafone EVO. Our range of tablets are currently not available on a credit agreement basis.

Your credit file

There's important information in relation to your credit file that you need to be aware of when you purchase a Device Plan with a credit agreement from Vodafone.

Our Vodafone Mobile terms and conditions outline that you agree to let us share the personal information that you've provided us with the credit agencies that we use (e.g. Equifax) as well as fraud prevention agencies (e.g. CIFAS).

We will only use your personal information in order to make informed credit decisions based on your credit file and to protect against crimes such as fraud and money laundering. For more information, please visit