Best laptops for students

Taking notes in a lecture hall, kicking back with a film in your dorm, or keeping in touch with loved ones requires a portable laptop with a long-lasting battery. They're vital pieces of equipment, and we'll help you choose the one that's right for you.

We recommend laptops from the following ranges for university or college students:

The Microsoft Surface models and the Samsung Galaxy Books are a laptop and tablet in one, allowing you to choose the mode that’s best for your learning. Both 4G and 5G-capable models are available depending on your budget and requirements.

When you buy a laptop through us, you'll also get a data plan, so you can connect to our reliable mobile network and complete assignments on the go.

Microsoft Surface laptops for students

One of the best laptops for students is the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 5G. The adjustable built-in kick stand, powerful processor, all-day battery life¹, and super-fast 5G connectivity² make the Surface Pro 9 a smart choice for student life. The Surface Slim Pen 2³ allows you to sketch on the 13-inch PixelSense™ touchscreen - perfect for courses involving drawing, such as design or architecture.

The Microsoft Surface Go 3 4G is an excellent lower cost option and has all the features you'll need to get the most out of your studies and socialising, including: a Type Cover to optimise note taking, built-in Dolby® Audio™ for watching movies with flatmates, and 4G LTE Advanced⁴ so you can work, or stream anywhere.

Samsung laptops for students

Samsung Galaxy Book

The Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 5G is a top choice for students from our Samsung laptop range. With an S Pen and its 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 processor⁵ that can jump between demanding animation and design programmes easily, this model is ideal for design or architecture students. Plus, its 5G connectivity and 2-in-1 laptop and tablet design, give you ultimate flexibility for studying.

The Samsung Galaxy Book2 Go 5G is the perfect everyday laptop and one of our best student-budget friendly models. It boasts a Snapdragon 7C Gen 3 processor to make multitasking a breeze and is 5G enabled⁶ for constant connectivity - perfect for when university WiFi is patchy.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 360 comes with a 2-in-1 design, security chip, 4G connectivity⁶, and a long-lasting 12-hour battery⁸. Its 12.4-inch touchscreen and spill-resistant keyboard mean this device is perfect for your studies and downtime.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go is a traditional laptop boasting shock resistance, so it’s protected when you're on the go. The model's spill-safe keyboard, up to 12-hour battery⁸ life, and 4G connectivity⁶ mean it's a laptop ready for the stress and mess of university life.

How to choose the best laptop for your studies

The ideal laptop depends on your course, your 4G or 5G connectivity needs, and how much storage you think you'll use.

Here's a basic laptop specs guide for a typical student:

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 5G

Microsoft Surface Go 3 4G

Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 5G

Samsung Galaxy Book Go

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 360

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go


Up to 19 hours⁷

Up to 11 hours¹

Up to 18 hours⁹

Up to 18 hours⁹

Up to 12 hours⁸

Up to 12 hours⁸








Screen size

13 inches

10.5 inches

16 inches¹⁰

14 inches

12.4 inches

11.3 inches








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