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Waterproof phones and accessories

Ready for the challenges life throws at you.

When you have a waterproof phone, earphones or external speakers they can tolerate:

  • Splashes at a building site, water park, party or picnic
  • Rain showers when you’re gardening, out running, or at a festival
  • Outdoor sports
  • Having mud rinsed off under the tap

Our top waterproof and water-resistant devices and accessories are mostly rated at IP67 or IP68 levels, which mean they won’t let in dust and are waterproof in 15cm of water or deeper.

Waterproofing your phone can be more expensive, but in the long run can work out to be cheaper if you don’t have to pay for any water damage. We’ll help you choose the best waterproof phone at a price that suits you.

Rugged and tough phones are often waterproof too. Find out more about the latest and upcoming tough, rugged phones.

Hints and tips to help you choose

And I want to transfer my number

We’re sad to hear that you’re leaving us. But if you’re set on a new provider, you’ll need a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) to keep your mobile number when you move. Get a PAC and close your account

If you already have a PAC code, simply give it to your new provider and they’ll transfer your number.

And I want to unlock my phone

If you just need to unlock one of our devices to use on another network, you’ll need a Network Unlock Code (NUC). You can request a NUC or find out how to use your NUC here

Some devices come with covers that help keep out water – please make sure you use them.

Don’t immerse your device intentionally, and keep it away from salty or chlorinated water, and drinks. Also remember that wear and tear can gradually reduce water resistance – take good care of your devices to maintain their resistance.

Get it dry as quickly as possible, ideally at room temperature without using an oven or a hairdryer - there’s lots of detailed advice on the web.

If you’re looking to buy the best dustproof and waterproof phone, you’ll need to check out the IP rating. It tells you how much water and dust your phone or device can withstand. It’s more precise than terms like ‘water-resistant’, but even devices with the same ratings can vary – check the individual specifications if you’re keen to know.

‘IP’ stands for or ‘ingress protection’. For devices, the first number tells you about the dust resistance. 5 means ‘dust protected’, so a bit of dust might get in but not enough to stop the device working. 6 means completely ‘dust tight’ – no dust will get in.

The second number is for liquids. Devices rated at 5 are protected against water spraying on them. Ratings of 7 mean the device is safe at between up to 15cm and up to 1 metre deep. A rating of 8 means the device is protected in more than 1 metre of liquid.

If there’s an X, such as IPX8, it means the device isn’t rated for that factor – so IPX8 would be tested for waterproofing but not dustproofing.

Some manufacturers provide more details, such as Sony. We’d recommend exploring manufacturers’ websites for more information.