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The best tablets for kids

A tablet or iPad can be a great way of keeping your kids entertained, whether you’re on a long car journey or busy getting on with things at home. Plus, a tablet or iPad can be a powerful educational tool – from helping tots learn their first shapes and colours to even learning to code through interactive apps. 

Which is the best tablet for kids?

If you’re buying a tablet for your child or teenager, you probably have a lot of questions. Which tablet is best for keeping your child safe online? Which is best for learning apps? We take a look at the most popular tablets in our range, and at the child-friendly features they have.

Safety first

iPad has some great features for keeping your kids safe online. Limit your child’s access to just one app, or restrict access to any area of the iPad you don’t want them to see or use. There are also plenty of fun and educational apps to help them learn while they play – including Swift Playground, a game that teaches kids to code with interactive puzzles.

Relax while they learn

A lightweight tablet with a super-high resolution screen, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 is a great tablet for keeping your little ones entertained. Kids Mode (a paid for service), lets them explore a fun and educational environment – with over 1000 apps to choose from. It’s easy to tailor what content you allow them to access – and once you have, you can simply just sit back and relax while they learn and play.

Ready to go

Huawei MediaPad T3 10 is another kid-friendly tablet that will encourage children to learn while keeping them entertained. It comes pre-installed with Kids Garden, which lets you control what content your little ones can access –  and it also includes over 200 fun and educational puzzles, designed to teach numbers, letters and other essentials. 

To see the best tablets for younger kids, check out the tablet reviews on this page. If you’re looking for a cheaper tablet, the best buy is probably the Vodafone Tab speed 6. Alternatively, iPad, Huawei MediaPad T3 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab A might cost a little extra, but have many features that make them worth recommending – like top-quality entertainment for all the family. 

The good news is that most tablets are suitable for teenagers, and all the ones listed on this page come with parental controls. A tablet can be a brilliant educational tool – but your teenager is sure to want to use it for their favourite games, too. iPad, or any of the Android tablets listed here offer plenty of choice. The best advice is probably to involve your teen in the buying process – while making the final choice on the budget of course.

While you’re at home, it’s best to keep your child’s tablet connected to Wi-Fi – but for keeping them entertained on those long car journeys you’ll need one of our iPad and Tablet plans. Choose a Pay monthly plan for the best value – or opt for Pay as you go and add data as and when you need it.