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Tough, rugged phones and cases

Need a rugged mobile phone? Our range includes builders' phones, phones with Gorilla Glass and tough, drop-tested phone cases. We've also got waterproof phones and earphones.

There are all sorts of reasons for needing a tough phone, from active and sporting lifestyles, to working outdoors in harsh environments. You might drop your phone more often than you'd like, or perhaps need something sturdy to survive the kids. Many of our rugged and tough phones are waterproof too.

If rugged isn't a big deal for you, check out our range of waterproof phones and accessories.

Apple iPhone XS

Apple have encased iPhone XS with tougher, more durable glass than previous models, making it their most rugged phone at the time of release. The corners are protected from falls by the sturdy yet elegant stainless steel rails which enclose the phone. Best of all, iPhone XS will survive a dip - its IP68 rating means it should resist water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 2 metres. Add all the fabulous features Apple have included - such as the beautiful OLED screen and feature-laden dual-lens camera - and you have a top-end phone that remains remarkably durable.

Apple iPhone XS

The invisible touch

Slash the chance of your screen getting scratched, cracked or smashed, with one of our screen protectors. They're quick and easy to fit too.

ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass


InvisibleShield Glass

The InvisibleShield Glass screen protectors from ZAGG deliver maximum scratch and stain protection for your phone.

Screen protector

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Toughen up your phone with screen protectors designed for a variety of mobile phone sizes, available in our accessories range.

Good to know

Gorilla Glass is made by Corning. The latest version, Gorilla Glass 6, survived 15 consecutive drops from 1m onto rough surfaces in testing. It's up to twice as strong as Gorilla Glass 5, yet provides great optical clarity and touch sensitivity.

Phones with Gorilla Glass include:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note9, Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S7, Galaxy A8
  • Motorola Moto G6, Moto Z2 Play
  • Sony Xperia XZ2, Xperia XA1, Xperia XA2
  • Land Rover Explore
  • BlackBerry KEY2

The IP rating tells you how much water and dust your phone or device can withstand. It's more precise than terms like 'water-resistant', but even devices with the same ratings can vary - check the individual specifications if you're keen to know.

'IP' stands for 'international protection' or 'ingress protection'. For devices, the first number tells you about the dust resistance. 5 means 'dust protected', so a bit of dust might get in but not enough to stop the device working. 6 means 'dust tight' - no dust will get in.

The second number is for liquids. Devices rated at 5 are protected against water spraying on them. Ratings of 7 mean the device is safe at between up to 15cm and up to 1 metre deep. A rating of 8 means the device is protected in more than 1 metre of liquid.

If there's an X, such as IPX8, it means the device isn't rated - so IPX8 would be tested for waterproofing but not dustproofing.

Some manufacturers provide more information, such as Sony. We'd recommend exploring manufacturers' websites for more information.