The best phones for under £200

If you're after a Pay as you go phone which will cost you less than £200, you're in the right place.

Even though they may not have the latest features that many newer, more expensive phones do, budget smartphones use the same apps that pricier phones do, and plenty come with high-definition screens, speakers with impressive audio quality, great cameras that are easy to use and powerful batteries to keep your day on track.

If you're after an affordable phone with the features which are important to you, here are the models we think you'll like - all with a price tag that comes in under £200 to buy outright.

Doro 8100

The Doro 8100 is designed to keep things simple while still delivering all the benefits of a smartphone. The triple camera delivers excellent results, and is easily accessed through a stripped back and intuitive menu. That ease-of-use is extended to the interface, and the apps that come with the phone. The Doro 8100 is loaded with Google Assistant and an assistance button that allows you to easily contact your nearest and dearest in an emergency, while the optimised call sound quality make conversations clearer.

Affordable mobile phones for every budget

Over time, you will find that you spend more than £200 on owning and using a phone – especially if you need extra minutes or data, which happens from time to time. However, there are ways to keep the cost of owning a phone down, including getting a Pay as you go SIM and using WiFi to browse and send messages

If you’re looking to spend a little more - or less - on your mobile, we also have a range of phones under £100 and phones under £300. We also have a huge range of deals and offers on phones, tablets and SIM only plans.

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¹Battery life claims are approximate and based on optimal network conditions. Actual battery performance will vary and depends on many factors including signal strength, network and device settings, temperature, battery condition, and usage patterns.

¹Typical value based on testing under third-party lab conditions. Rated capacity is 4,860mAh.

²MicroSD card sold separately.