Data Calling

Easy to use

There's no app to download or updates to look for - WiFi and 4G Calling connects automatically.

More reliable

Connect both inside and outside without fuss, and call from places that regular phone signal can't reach.

No extra costs

We don't charge extra for WiFi and 4G Calling - all calls and texts come from your usual allowance.

WiFi Calling

With WiFi Calling you can make and receive calls and texts in any location that has WiFi network, even if there's no regular phone signal. Whether you're in a café or a house in the middle of the countryside, you'll still be able to stay connected.

4G Calling

4G Calling is just like Wifi calling, but it works using your phone's 4G data rather than a WiFi network. So long as your phone has 4G coverage, you can use 4G Calling to make and receive calls and texts without relying on a regular phone signal. You can check to see if your phone is compatible with 4G Calling by adding your IMEI number to our device checker.

Check supported phones

All these phones support both WiFi and 4G Calling when bought from us. Please note that phones bought from other UK network providers and third parties are unlikely to support Vodafone WiFi and 4G Calling - with the exception of iPhones, which should work regardless.

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