Refurbished phones

Get the phone you love for less

Quality assured - All phones are professionally checked, repaired and tested so they’re as reliable as a new phone

12-month warranty - Keep your phone up and running for no extra cost, with repair fees included in your plan

14-day returns - If you change your mind, we give you 14 days to cancel or return and get your money back

Planet friendly - Help the environment and lower your carbon footprint by reusing and rehoming a phone

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Like New


iPhone 11 64GB (Like New)

2GB data

Unlimited minutes and texts

£38 a month
£69 upfront
Get iPhone 11 64GB
Like New


Galaxy S20 (Like New)

6GB data

Unlimited minutes and texts

£50 a month
£29 upfront
Get Galaxy S20
Like New


iPhone XS 64GB (Like New)

24GB data

Unlimited minutes and texts

£47 a month
£49 upfront
Get the iPhone XS 64GB

What’s Like New?

Our second-hand phones in Like New condition look and function like a new phone, but for a bargain price. They have no signs of use and are in top working condition.

Most of these phones are unused – they’ve been bought brand new and returned to us within 14 days because the original buyer changed their mind.

Plus they’re fully tested, so you can be confident they’re just as reliable as a new phone.

What’s included?

USB charging cable - All refurbished phones are equipped with a USB cable* to charge your phone from a laptop, computer, or to connect to a mains adapter.

12-month warranty - If your device breaks down through no fault of your own, we’ll get you back up and running in no time.

Branded box - All refurbished phones are re-packaged in a branded box made from 100% recyclable materials, so you’ll get that new-phone-feeling when it arrives.

Pocket and planet-friendly

Not only are refurbished phones more affordable, they’re more sustainable too.

By giving a phone a second life rather than buying a brand new one, you’re saving energy, conserving natural resources and reducing electronic waste, which often ends up in landfill.

So, you can feel good knowing you’re getting a great phone while doing your bit for the environment.

Pocket and planet-friendly

Trade-in to save even more

Trade in your old phone to save money on a new or refurbished one. Find out how much it could be worth with an online quote, and we’ll give you the amount in cash or bill credit towards your next purchase.

We continually check our prices against the market to ensure you’re getting the best possible price.

For more information and terms about our Trade-in, see here


Buying a refurbished phone from us isn’t the same as buying a second-hand phone from your friend or an auction site. Our refurbished devices have been professionally checked, repaired with new interior (if needed) and extensively tested before we sell them on.

We make sure all our refurbished devices are fully functioning, then re-package them in a Vodafone branded box equipped with a USB charging cable and SIM eject pin if it’s an iPhone. They also include a 12-month warranty.

There’s little difference between our refurbished phones and a new one – they look and function like a new phone, but they’re not brand new in the box.

Our refurbished devices have been returned to us within the 14-day returns period. Not because they’re faulty or damaged. The previous owner simply decided it wasn’t the right choice for them.

There are no signs of use and it’s in top working order. The main difference is the reduced price, eco-friendly packaging, and the accessories included.

You get to enjoy the latest models with a massive saving, simply because they’re not brand new in the box. Our refurbished devices are just as reliable as a new phone, because we restore any old or tired interior parts with new parts. It also come with a 12-month warranty.

It’s also great for the environment. Buying a refurbished phone lowers carbon emissions by reducing the amount of resources used to build a new phone and the production of single-use items.

Each refurbished device will include:

  • Our very own eco-friendly box
  • USB cable
  • SIM eject pin (if applicable)

Not included:

  • Headset/earphones
  • Mains adapter
  • Manual

All phones are extensively checked for any cosmetic damage.

There’s an LCD and screen inspection at a distance of 250-300mm from the surface which checks for spots, specks, dust, debris, stains, smudges, bubbles, bright or dark areas and scratches.

The front case, keypad, rear case and both sides are inspected for scratches, plastic imperfections and dull or shiny spots.


Our returns policy gives you 14 days to change your mind, whatever the reason, and you can cancel or return your order within 14 days from when you receive the order. Other charges may apply to use the Services until you cancel your order.

To make a claim under our 14-day returns policy, you'll need to tell us that you want to cancel your Service(s). To confirm your cancellation, contact us on 03333 040 191. Standard call charges apply.

The 12-month warranty covers any faults or problems you may have with the hardware or software. It doesn't cover accidental or liquid damage.

Accessories that come in the box when you buy your device also get a 12-month warranty

For more information and terms on our 12-month warranty, see here

No – refurbished phones are exclusive to online and aren’t available to buy in our stores.

Legal terms

To charge this product from the mains, you’ll also need a mains adaptor to attach to the USB cable. You’ll need to buy this if you don’t already own one.

Old plugs may not charge new handsets at optimum speeds