The Great British Tech Appeal

Donate your old smartphone or tablet and we'll gift them to people in need along with free data, calls, and texts.

Donate your tech and change a life

With the help of our charity partner, Barnardo's, we'll clean up, rebox and give your donated tech to someone in need, along with six months of free data, calls, and texts.

These devices are a vital lifeline, making sure people can keep in touch with family, friends and support workers, and access healthcare and education.

So far, we've collected over 20,000 devices and donated 13,000 to people in need.

How it works

Send your tech to us or go straight into a store to hand it in.

It's completely free and you don't need to be a Vodafone customer.

Taking things to the next level

See how we're working to support more families than ever across the UK, with help from our partners Reconome and Good Things Foundation.

Meet the families we've supported

Jessica, a parent

"Thank you for the tablet, you have no idea what this means to us as a family. It's helped out so much with home schooling as we only had one device between three of us."

Tom, a case worker

"The phone means so much to him. When asking what he would like to say to the person who gave it to him, he said, 'Thank you so much. God bless you, you're a legend'."

Sharon, support staff

"The extra device is a great support for the family. The mother recently enrolled in an open university course - this device will help her do the work that’s required online."

Helping to protect the planet

We donate or recycle every single device you send us.

So as well as helping people in need, when you donate your device, you're helping to reduce waste and protect the planet too.

We've already reused or recycled more than 20,000 devices, and with your generosity, we can make even more of an impact.

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