The Great British Tech Appeal

Donate your old smartphone or tablet to The Great British Tech Appeal and we'll gift them to refugees arriving in the UK, along with free data, calls, and texts.

Donate your tech and change a life

We’ve extended our Great British Tech Appeal to give used smartphones and tablets to refugees – including those from Ukraine – along with free data, calls, and texts.

Anyone can donate a used device – you don’t need to be a Vodafone customer to take part. Since the launch in 2020, we’ve helped 10,000 families in need across the UK.

Together we can help even more.

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How does the Great British Tech Appeal work?

We rely on generous donations from businesses and the general public, who gift their used smartphones and tablets. With the help of our charity partners, we give these refurbished devices, along with free connectivity, to people who need them the most.

Want to donate? It's fast, simple and free.

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