The Great British Tech Appeal

Donate your old smartphone, tablet or laptop to The Great British Tech Appeal and we’ll gift them to young people in need, along with free data, calls and texts.

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Your old phone could change a life

Millions of people across the UK don’t have adequate tech or access to the internet, making it a struggle to access basic services, study from home, or simply keep in touch with loved ones. Vodafone’s Great British Tech Appeal aims to help by collecting and redistributing used smartphones, tablets and laptops, along with free data, to the people that need them most. 

So far, we’ve helped almost 6,500 families in need across the UK.

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How does the Great British Tech Appeal work?

We rely on the generous donation of businesses and the general public who gift their used smartphones, tablets and laptops. We then get these to the people who need them most, along with free connectivity, with the help of our charity partners.

Want to donate? It’s fast, simple and free.

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We proudly teamed up with Global to help tackle digital exclusion