What to do with your old router

As technology becomes outdated, our homes become cluttered with old tech in forgotten drawers. Routers are a great example of this – you upgrade your broadband plan and get a new router, but what do you do with the old one? It probably still works but it’s not clear how useful it is.

How to recycle your router

Recycling is the easiest option for your old router, and your broadband provider should have specific advice on how to recycle it. If you can’t find the information from your provider, you can recycle it in person by finding your nearest recycling location

How to recycle your Vodafone router

If you’re a Vodafone customer, you can recycle your router with us. It’s free and you can recycle other broadband equipment from us too.

Return your equipment by finding your nearest store or return by post

Reducing electronic waste at Vodafone

At Vodafone, we’re proud to be working towards cutting carbon emissions from our UK operations, aiming to reach net zero by 2027. We’re investing in making energy-efficient equipment as well as working with suppliers to reduce their emissions.

Some steps we’ve taken:

  • Our Ultra Hub router and 4G Broadband Back-up device module are made from a plastic that is 95% recycled

  • The Ultra Hub and latest 5G GigaCube device have no plastic packaging at all, instead, we use fibre bags where needed for products

  • All of our recent equipment is packaged in boxes made from recycled paper

  • All recent box designs are printed with soy ink

Frequently asked questions

Your old router should still work unless it's faulty. However, newer routers can be more efficient in supporting higher speeds, for example, full fibre speeds.

If you're moving to a faster speed, now is a good time to change your router and you'll most likely be sent new equipment by your provider if you need it.

You can sometimes configure an old router to a new provider. Our routers at Vodafone cannot be configured to be used with another provider.

Your new provider will most likely send you their router unless you tell them not to. If you want to keep your old router, it may not offer the most up-to-date security features which could put your network at risk. Also, some routers may be hardcoded to the broadband provider they were supplied by, making them difficult to reconfigure.

We would recommend you upgrade your router every five years. This makes sure it’s up to date with the latest security firmware and keeps your broadband connection strong. You may want to replace your router sooner if you find a great upgrade deal or are moving house and need to change provider.

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