Upskilling businesses and communities

We're working with partners to help digitally transform small businesses and provide digital skills to communities across the UK.

How we’re upskilling businesses and communities

  • Digital Parenting - We want everyone to get the most out of tech and enjoy happy and safe digital lives. Get regularly updated articles and expert advice helping you make the right digital choices for your family. Vodafone's Digital Parenting Pro is an interactive resource which provides helpful information about what parental controls and safety settings are available across the most popular apps, games and devices.

  • business.connected - We’re committed to helping 800,000 small and medium-sized businesses to digitally transform with free tools and training over the next three years.

  • Good Things Foundation - We are working with Good Things Foundation to build a network of 5,000 Community partners.

  • Hi Digital - Vodafone UK Foundation is working with Independent Age to provide digital skills training to older people.

  • Smart Living Hub - Our Smart Living Hub is full of advice, tips and tricks to help you make the most of your connected tech in a safe, smart, and fun way, whatever your age.

Stuart Rogers, CEO of Independent Age

“As we age, staying connected becomes all the more important, whether that’s helping older people find the best deals and manage their finances, or linking up with friends and family. Initiatives like Hi Digital as part of everyone.connected ensure that as technology advances, no one is left behind.”

Find out what else we’re doing to keep everyone connected

We offer a special selection of affordable products and services so we can help make being connected accessible for everyone.

On a wider level, we work closely with a huge number of charity partners to help close the digital divide, as well as donating connectivity and tech through our Great British Tech Appeal and Buy One Give One initiatives.