Mobile Security

Keeping your mobile secure

Why is it important?

With easy access to emails on your smartphone, and things like mobile banking apps, it’s more important than ever to know how to keep data on your mobile secure.

What can you do to keep safe?

  • Set up a password or PIN – and keep your phone locked when you're not using it
  • Never store personal details like passwords or PINs in texts, emails or notes
  • Switch off features such as Bluetooth when you're not using them
  • Download Vodafone Protect app to protect your handset

What if your phone is stolen?

  • Tell us straight away. If you're on Pay monthly, call 03333 040191. Pay as you go users should call 03333 048069 (standard call rates apply). Or you can call 191 free from another Vodafone mobile. We can blacklist and deactivate it remotely.
  • Change any passwords for online accounts you access through your phone as soon as possible
  • Report your phone lost and stolen online

Changed your applications or operating system?

  • Never allow applications or files to be installed from unknown sources – like Android apps outside of Android Market™
  • Update your operating system when a new version is released

Don’t tamper with your phone

  • This increases the risk of infecting the phone with a virus or malware and invalidates the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Don't be tempted to 'jail break' your phone. This often leads to malfunctions or corrupted software, and will void your warranty

Be careful if you choose to sell your phone

  • If you sell your phone or give it away, make sure you complete a factory reset. This will clean your phone of any content associated to you – you'll find this option in your phone's settings menu

What about voicemail security?

It's really important that you set up a PIN for your voicemail inbox – so only you can access it – and never share it with anyone.

You can keep your voicemail secure by choosing one of two security levels:

  1. Standard security – you’ll need to enter your PIN only if you’re not calling from your Vodafone mobile, or if you’re calling from abroad. This is the default setting when you first get your mobile.
  2. High security – you’ll need to enter your PIN every time you call your voicemail to listen to your messages, even from your Vodafone mobile.

Check our FAQs on voicemail security.